Tuesday 14 May 2013

Interviewing Beauty Blogger Heidi (www.theinsideoutbeauty.com)

Hello lovelies!

Today's blog post is a little bit different...
I'm bringing you the interview with one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Heidi from Argentina!

Hi Sonja!  Thank you so much for interviewing me for your Blog.  I'm so honored!

Where are you from?
I'm from  Argentina.  But I'm also an Italian citizen and have some German blood too!
My family is from Florence, Italy and Heidelberg Germany :)

What languages do you speak?
Well, being born in Argentina, my first language is Spanish of course!
I attended an English school, so I started learning English ever since I was 2 years old approximately.  I'd like to believe I'm bilingual! I studied French growing up for a couple of years, but I can only read in french, not write or speak, unfortunately. 
Later in high school I learned Italian and I fell in love with it, but I don't always get the chance to use it, so it's a lot more rusted than my English!

How do you think your background influences what you blog/vlog about?
Well, having a multicultural background, double citizenship, European grandparents, attending an English school has always made me feel like a citizen of the world...  Mainly because I don't feel like I'm 100% of any of my nationalities of origins. HaHaHa! To me blogging, vlogging and the internet in general, means communicating with other people like me... like you... people who also have the same multicultural backgrounds! I enjoy using my language skills more frequently, since I blog and vlog in English.  So I guess, my answer, in short would be that Blogging, for me, feels like a natural result of my background.  Does that make sense to you? :)

S: Yes, it does! I don't have a multicultural background, because my entire family is Croatian, with an exception of my Grandfather (my Mum's Dad), who was half-hungarian,( but he also was raised in croatian spirit and culture...)
But I do understand what do you mean because I personally have travelled a lot an lived in foreign countries, and now I live in Italy, and my husband is italian, so I think I can relate to you in some way :)

What's your favorite kind of video to do?
I enjoy covering different subjects on outer and inner beauty, hence the name of my blog TheInsideOutBeauty.com , but all of these have something in common: they revolve around us women.  Our issues, the things we like and enjoy, our dreams, our challenges in life, our confidence...

What inspired you to make YouTube Videos?
I have always been naturally driven and appreciative of art, fashion and beauty in life.
I'm a very sensitive person, probably due to some personal health challenges I had to deal with and overcome right after being born.
I think that having had this experience at such a young age has given me that sensitivity towards beauty in all its forms and also immense gratitude for being alive to contemplate them.
Be it Inner or outer beauty, I have always been able to enjoy and recognize it everywhere.
So, I guess what inspired me, in general term, is this natural need to express the beauty I see in all things and all people. I feel the need to communicate what goes on in my heart and my mind to others, and writing in my blog and making videos has come to fulfill that need.
That's kind of the deep reason behind it I think.
Now, how I discovered the Beauty Community, I guess it was like most of us.  I was researching about some beauty question I had on Google and started watching this Beauty videos and gurus, that I could relate to instantly.  But I gave it a lot of thought before I started blogging and making videos.  I think it took me a year and many personal situations that led me to saying... Ok!  Let's do this and see where it takes me :)

If you had to describe yourself with 5 words... which would those be?
Sensitive.  Creative.  Entrepreneurial.  Dreamer.  Risk-taker (is that 2 words? Ha! :D  ).

How often do you record?
My schedule is quite a mess right now.   But I'm working on it and trying to record and upload at least 2 videos per week.  I update my Blog and tweet every single day though.

How long have you been Blogging and making Youtube videos?
I started about 1 year ago.  I made a couple of blog posts and a couple of videos.
Then privated / deleted the whole thing.  It was the business graduate in me saying... What are you doing girl?  Now I don't see why I was so scared of all of this.  But I encounter girls everyday that say they're hesitant of putting themselves out there, on the internet, too.
Then last November 2012, I experienced a loss... a miscarriage...  and something changed inside me...  it was like I realized life is too short to wait on the things you enjoy doing and that by doing these, we are able to cope with the challenges and losses a lot better... because following our passions helps us heal our spirit... at least I believe that.
So, after New Year 2013, Blogging and Youtube-ing :)  became one of my Resolutions!
I guess I can say I have been doing this consistently for about 3 months to this date. 

S: Thanks Heidi for sharing with us such a deep and private things of your life! I myself have experienced a great loss in 2012.
My Dad died just a few days before my 31.st birthday...I was in shock...I can say that blogging and filming videos for my youtube channels has helped me in staying positive and it kept me going on.

What's your favorite subject for Blogging and Youtube videos?
I don't really have a favorite subject.  It can be anything from a beauty product review, to a self improvement or motivation post/video, a makeup or hair tutorial or a vlog about my personal life.
Whatever I feel is worth sharing, and brings value to my readers and subscribers...  In fact I get lots of video requests all the time and I try to work on each of them as much as possible.

What's your favorite Beauty Brand?
Well, I have to say I like trying out all brands and sticking to the products that work for me, regardless of the brand.  Right now, I'm using Clinique, Benefit, Rimmel and Maybelline products mostly.

What's the post or video you've enjoyed working on so far?
I have favorites in each category.
My fave beauty tutorial is my NAKED Palette Day Look HERE!
I got a lot of positive feedback on that one!  

And also, I'd say my Inner Beauty video, just because it felt really inspired to make it.  I came straight out of my heart.  It was filmed and written by the beach and to this date I think it is my most loved video that explains the name of my Blog and Channel too!    
 Many subscribers said it helped them stop and think one minute about their inner worth, and others said they even felt relaxed or soothed by it.  Those are lovely comments to read about something you made yourself with so much love.

Do you have hobbies, other than your interest in beauty?
Yes!  I sing!  I took singing lessons for many years.  I love Opera too, and I can sing a couple of arias :)  I've also written all my life, from thoughts to poems and stories...   Even thogh I'm actually a Business Graduate,  I guess you could say I'm a writer at heart :)

Tell us all where we can find you Heidi!
          Well, the quickest way to interact with me is Twitter! I hang out there every single day!
         Twitter: www.twitter.com/theiobeauty
         I update my blog every day of the week too, so I hope some of you come visit me sometime.
         MY BLOG: www.theinsideoutbeauty.com
         My Beauty Channel where I upload 2-3 times a week is:
         YOUTUBE (INNER & OUTER BEAUTY): www.youtube.com/theinsideoutbeauty
         And I upload sporadically a couple of videos about my life in my other Channel         
         YOUTUBE (VLOGS): www.youtube.com/user/theargielife
         You can also follow my videos and posts by following me on Pinterest              

S:Thank you so much for this interview Heidi! I'm sure my readers will love your blog & youtube channels :) 
You can check out my interview on Heidi's blog HERE!

Thank you all for reading this interview with my dear friend Heidi!
Lots of love from Italy!

xoxo, S.

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  1. Thank you so much Sonja for this great opportunity! This interview was so much fun for me <33333




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