Tuesday 4 June 2013

How I Dress for Work | Sonia VerardoStyle

Hello lovelies!

I filmed a short fashion video, where I'm showing you my daily outfits for work! I can dress quite casually for work, we don't have any particular dress code, other than to "dress your personality", which allows me to be very creative & dress according to my inspiration, or the mood of the day :)

I filmed these short "outfits for work" clips, just before heading to work, and, at the end of a busy working weekend, I had enough material to edit a fashion video!

I hope this will serve you as an inspiration! I know, not everyone can get away with dressing like this for work, but these outfits can still be inspiring, for a number of different occasions in your life (from very casual days, to more "dressy" and "put together" looks!)

Check out my video here:

(I'm also showing you "the perfume of the day" in each OOTD clip!So that might be fun as well, as you get to see my little perfume collection!)

I didn't have time to actually pose for pictures (as, you'll see in the video, I was actually always in a big rush!), but I took some screenshots from the video, just to show you a quick glimpse of the outfits!

Thursday: My hair was up in a loose ponytail

Friday: My hair was braided in a fishtail ( I added some hairextensions for a bigger volume & extra length!)
Click here to find out more about the hair extensions that I was using!

Saturday: My hair was up in a big, volumised bun!
Click here for a hair tutorial!
This is the perfect hairstyle on a "bad hair" day!

For the detailed info on the clothes I wore, check out my video!

Which one was your favourite outfit?

Love from Italy,

xx, S.

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