Tuesday 4 June 2013

Kiko Make Up "Colours In the World" & More!!! (Haul & Review)

Hello beauties!

Are you familiar with Kiko Make Up Milano brand of make up and cosmetics? It's a brand made in Italy, and it's getting more famous day by day, thanks to the quality of the products and the affordable prices that it has!

I do have quite a bit of products from Kiko, and, when thinking about it, I'm very happy with every single product that I've tried out so far!
That's why I keep going back to Kiko store (also because I have the Kiko store very close to my work, oh my, what a temptation!)and I always find myself picking up a product or two...or three...ahem! ;)

In this post, I'll show you my recent Kiko haul and I also filmed a haul video, where I'm giving you a quick reviews of all the products that I bought (so make sure to check it out for more info + recommendations!)

I went to Kiko store just to browse a bit and see what's new...
I returned home with all these goodies that caught my eye! :)

Kiko brush cleanser is a product I always repurchase because it makes cleaning of my make up brushes so much easier, especially the ones that I use to apply a liquid foundation (it's very hard to clean them with just a regular soap!)

I think this cream is a part of their Spring limited edition, but if that's true I'll be so sad when I ran out of it!
This is the first time I'm trying out a non make up product by Kiko and I must say I'm impressed with their skin care products! I love everything about this cream: from the packaging, the price, the effect that it has on my face, to the fact that it's packed full with good ingredients! Way to go Kiko! :)

I'm in ♥ with this brush!
Amazing quality!
This brush is from their Colours in the world limited edition, so hurry up to get this brush, it's a must!

I already have some other shades of this high-pigmentation eye shadow, this time I've decided to go for a greyish, mat colour, # 122.

This colour is so classy & feminine, great for all seasons and I already got so many compliments on it!
Kiko Nail Lacquers are very nice quality, durable and inexpensive!
They have got a huge selection of colours and they always come up with new colours for their limited editions, based on the seasons of the year.

Smoky eyes pencil in a shade 01 is very easy to apply, very pigmented and soft.
I love it!

I also got two lipsticks, the "Ultra Glossy Stylo" in #807 and #816.
I couldn't resist to these beautiful spring/ summer colours!
These are very moisturizing and, as the name suggests, glossy!
They act more as a lipgloss, they aren't strongly pigmented.
These smell absolutely amazing, yum! :)
See the swatches bellow!


This was my haul, I hope you like the products I've picked up this time from Kiko store.
I'd like to know, if you ever tried anything from Kiko, how did you like it and do you have any favourites from this brand that you'd like to recommend?
Leave me your comments!

For all of you who want to know more about Kiko Make Up, go to their website!

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As you can see, in the past on my channel I've already talked about Kiko, I filmed hauls, product reviews...I hope these videos will be interesting and helpful to you :)

If you have any question or request regarding Kiko Make Up, make sure to leave me your comment! I'm thinking of doing a make up tutorial: full face Kiko...we'll see...because I have so many Kiko products that I'd like to show you, and if I do a collection video, I fear I might have to split it into 3, or 4 parts, as I really do have a whole bunch of Kiko products in my collection, lol! :)

I also wanted to quickly mention one thing...a big THANK YOU to my dear youtube friend Michela, from Mika Michelaismyname channel, who gave me a big shoutout in her Kiko Make Up Milano collection video!

She did the same video in italian too, so if you know italian language, check out her italian version of Kiko video here!

Thank you all for stopping by!
Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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