Tuesday 25 March 2014

Pretty Little Liars Lookbook Collab: Aria Inspired Outfits by Sonia VerardoStyle

Hi guys! 

Today I have a fashion post prepared for you!
Past week, on my youtube channel, I posted a "Pretty Little Liars" Tv show video collab (five other girls are involved in this collab), where I featured Aria Montgomery's style.

I styled four outfits that are similar to the ones Aria was wearing in the past episodes of the PLL show.

If you'd like to check out how the video turned out, make sure to click on the thumbnail bellow:

(in the info box bellow my video, you'll also find all the links to the other girl's videos, feat. fashion & beauty related to other characters on the PLL show!)

Make sure to also check out the videos of other girls in this collab!
We have Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Mona and Alison's fashion & make up videos, so I'm sure you're going to enjoy watching :)

from my PLL fashion collab video ;)

I styled four outfits inspired by Aria's style
Her style is very youthful, trendy, edgy...a little bit "out there", it definitely can't pass unnoticed and the way she styles certain prints & trends together is sometimes a bit unexpected, but it always turns out great!
I actually ♥ Aria's style and I'm very pleased that I was the one who got to recreate it!

Outfit #01

outfit # 01 is inspired by Aria's "Grateful Dead" tee and burgundy skinny jeans

My tee is from Zara, skinny jeans are from H&M, as well as the statement necklace (that is the exact match to the one Aria wore in one of the episodes!)

Outfit #02

Outfit #02 is inspired by Aria's multi-coloured leather jacket and a cat tee...
I combined my styling with the statement necklace from H&M that, again, is the exact one that Aria wore in one of the episodes (I think it was the season 4 finale!)
I found already 4 necklaces from H&M that Aria wore in the past episodes! I guess the tv show stylists use a lot of H&M statement jewellery when styling Aria's outfits ;) That's good to know! ;)

I don't have a multi-coloured leather jacket, but I thought this one was pretty similar and is definitely something Aria would wear.
The jacket is from Zara
Cat tee is from H&M
Ripped skinny jeans are from H&M
Statement necklace (the exact match) is also H&M

Outfit #03

Outfit #03 is inspired by Aria's tiger print dress and a statement H&M necklace with turquoise/gold spikes

I didn't have a tiger print dress, but I did have this tiger print tank top (H&M, DIY project), that I tucked inside of my black Stradivarius skirt and accentuated my waist line with this narrow, studded belt by Pimkie.
Styled like this, it ended up looking like a dress!
I don't have the exact same H&M necklace, but I do have a similar one (also from H&M) with turquoise beads.
I completed this trendy outfit with yet more pop of colour: On my feet I put these red heels by Zara.

Outfit #04

Outfit # 04 is inspired by Aria's floral print dress, black blazer and a casual style, black messenger bag.

I think this floral print romper by Bershka is pretty similar to Aria's dress.
What do you guys think?
Bag is from Bershka too.

My black blazer is from H&M
Statement necklace is from Zara

The footwear:

Aria mostly wears heels or wedges, as they give her the extra height. Her footwear is always very trendy and unique looking!

I did my best to pick out the shoes similar to Aria's style, but to best match my outfits...

Outfit # 01: Leopard print sneakers by Bershka
Outfit #02: Nude ankle- high booties by Zara
Outfit #03: Red heels by Zara
Outfit #04: Grey wedge ankle- high booties by H&M

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
Let me know, did I recreate well Aria's style?
If you liked it, I could do more of these PLL inspired posts in the future! Leave me your comments! xx

from my fashion video...

...filming my intro..shhhh!
(makeup tutorial on this look is coming up soon on my beauty channel, and here on my blog, so make sure to follow!)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Before I go, I'd like to ask you a question:

Which one is YOUR favourite character from the PLL show?

Kiss from Italy!

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