Friday 14 March 2014

ZARA Fashion Haul (January/February, 2014.)

Hello lovelies!
I did a little fashion haul (new in) for you, I gathered all the items that I got at Zara over the past couple of months and that I'll be featuring in my upcoming OOTD videos & posts!

All of these items I got during the winter sales, so most of them were even 80% off, a true bargains!
I love Zara, but I think it's really overpriced (the pieces that can be found there are trendy, but not always the amazing quality and sometimes the prices are just exaggerated!).
That's why I like to shop there at sales, because, at 80% off, I really can afford to buy more than just a piece or two...

This is what I purchased recently at Zara:

Drage curke, dobrodosle na moj blog! Danasnji post biti ce jedan "new in", iliti popularni "fashion haul" :)

Sve ove stvarcice kupila sam kroz proteklih par mjeseci na snizenjima, u Zari.
Zara je jedan od mojih omiljenih ducana, ali prilicno je skupa...iako im je robica uvijek super trendy (definitivno prate posljednje modne trendove), kvaliteta im bas i ne opravdava toliko visoke cijene! :(

Zbog toga, uzivam shoppingirati u Zari kada spuste cijene i na -80% jer si tada zaista mogu dati oduska i kupiti (gotovo) sve sto mi se svidja! :)

Gore mozete kliknuti na "play" i pogledati video gdje vam pokazujem sto sam to sve "ulovila" u Zari na snizenjima, a uskoro cete imati prilike vidjeti sve ove stvarcice u mojim OOTD videima i blog postovima!

Chanel style skirt with leather inserts and cute pocket detail :)

I ♥ this T-shirt!

I love pastel colours and this is such a pretty blue!
It's also one very warm & cozy sweater/turtleneck, perfect for colder days of the year!

I had my eyes set on this scarf even when it was a part of the new collection, but I thought at 39.99€ it was a bit too expensive, so I've decided to wait & finally grabbed it on sale for cca 14€!

Black jeggings, a must-have piece in my wardrobe :)
These are super stretchy and very comfy!

Details of the waxy jeggings- they're very shiny and cool ;)
I think Zara has them in stock pretty much all year round, but now I was able to grab them on sale for such a good price
(cca 9€ I think!)

I'm in love with this jacket and I'll be wearing it now that the early Spring days are arriving
(it wasn't really warm enough for the cold winter days!)

Beautiful boyfriend fit coat (I love the colour red, I think it's also really flattering on me!)
I got this coat for only 19.99€ which is an amazing steal!
The only weird thing about it is that the red colour from the inside lining transfers onto my light coloured clothes! ughh!
I hope this will sort out after I take it to the dry cleaners! I'll let you know...because right now...not fun! :(
I have to make sure to always wear dark coloured outfit when wearing this coat on top, ughh...

If you have this coat too (Zara Basic), let me know, do you have the same problem with it?

Shoes/ cipelice:

so comfy, chic, elegant & these really elongate your legs! ♥

I wanted a pair of masculine style shoes for such a long time!
I'll wear these non- stop this upcoming sprin! ♥

I hope you liked this haul! Let me know which one is your favourite item from the ones that I showed in this post?

Nadam se da vam se svidio ovaj "haul"! Javite mi, koja se stvarcica vama najvise svidja, od svih ovih koje sam vam pokazala u ovom blog postu?


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