Wednesday 31 January 2018

Shopping My Stash: Makeup Products That I Love Again!

Hello beauties!

As you know, I started decluttering my makeup collection and I wrote about it in my previous post.
Along with that, I rediscovered some amazing products in my collection, that I want to use right now!

In this post, I decided to share these current "finds" with you and tell you all about why do I love them so much!


Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Ready-To-Wear Smoky Eyes Palette #571 Smoky Nude
Bella Bamba Blush By Benefit
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick - #04 Soft Spoken
Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick In Sugar
Macely Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream

Kiko Kiss Balm Lip Balm In #04 Cherry

Dior eyeshadow trio is a perfect solution for when you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to applying eyeshadow but when you feel like wearing something on your lids. It's great quality, long lasting eyeshadow (mini) palette, and you can do a quick, natural, everyday look, or you can make it a bit more intense for a night out.
This palette wasn't cheap, so did it get forgotten in my drawer?? I started using it again and I'm loving it! Sometimes, if I really have no time for makeup, I'll just use the highlight color under my brows and in my inner makes such a big difference as it instantly makes my eyes appear more rested and my whole face more awake!

Bella Bamba blush by Benefit gives such a healthy glow, I love it! A little goes a long way! It's like a triple dimension of pink...brightening, sculpting and defining. I sweep it (with the little brush that comes with the blush) on the apples of my cheeks et voilĂ , the magic happens!

I like that the little brush is such great quality, so I can use it without having to reach for other ("more professional") brushes.

Macely BB cream is one of those Asian little gems! It contains SPF 20, it's long lasting and brings to your skin elasticity, replenish water and overall superior endurance, with natural extracts such as honey and black tea.

I almost used it up, so I really wanted to start using it again, to make the most out of it, before I throw it away! It was such a good product, I don't want it to expire before I've used it up (and really, it's almost gone!)


NYX and Too Faced I was using a lot when I was pregnant and I loved this combo. I love the colors, the texture and how this combination works together. I use them with a darker lip pencil (or sometimes, I'll deline my lips with a very natural color lip pencil, for that more natural but volumized looking lip effect).
I recently ran out of my lip balm! I'm a huuuge lip balm addict, I need to keep my lips constantly moisturized. Instead of going out to buy a new lip balm, I tried checking my "stash" first, and hey, hey, I found this awesome lip balm by Kiko Make Up Milano. It's nicely colored, so it leaves to my lips with just a hint of color! It's super moisturizing and I love to use it when I'm at home, but even when I go out if that day I don't wear much makeup.
I hope you liked this post!

I invite you to look at your makeup collection and let me know 5 (or more) products that you rediscovered and will start loving again! 

xo from Italy,

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