Friday 2 February 2018


Hello lovelies!

This is a different type of fashion haul: In this post I'm showing you some cute, trendy and budget friendly clothing items that me and my hubby picked out at H&M on sales for our little son. 
Our baby just turned one and we can't be more excited! He's growing so fast, so we needed to buy him a whole new wardrobe and we found that H&M not only has budget friendly clothes, but also nice quality fabrics and the cutest designes. 
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Here is what we got for our little man ;-)

These two super cute grey sweaters: The one with a hoodie is an oversized model, so it looks so cool on my little son :-)

These 3 cotton sweaters, all super cute! The green one and the blue one really make the color of my son's eyes (blue) stand out even more, and the black is also super cute as it has all these funny robot prints!

Two pair of comfy but stylish pants: I love the military style model, but also the casual grey ones!

These baby grows (bodies) are soo nice! He can wear them as an underwear, but also as regular tops (once the weather gets warmer). The dark grey one is good for "special occasions" even, as it's ribbed and really nice. He looks so smart when wearing it!

These two cotton tops came together as a set, and we both love the car prints. My hubby is very passionate about cars and that's his work also, so these tops are super appropriate for our little man :-)

This baby grow and shirt are so smart, really awesome for special occasions, or when we want to dress him up a bit! This blue shirt is his first shirt and my hubby picked it out for him.

A pair of gloves for when outside is cold, or when we go in the mountains! We usually go for a walk when outside is really warm and sunny, but we're still in winter time, so these might still come in handy!

When it comes to shopping for babies, because they grow so fast, it's better to shop on sales or even in second hand stores. I was lucky that my colleague from work gave me a lot of clothes when my son was born, so for the first few months I didn't have to buy (almost) anything. Her son was born exactly one year before my son, so that was fortunate as everything fit him (in the right season).
Now I did the same thing, I passed my son's clothes that are too small on him, to my friend who had a baby at the end of December 2017. Another winter baby, so he'll make the most out of my son's clothes! Because babies grow so fast, usually the second hand clothes is as good as new! There's no point in splurging on babies' clothes, that's for sure!

I hope you liked this post! Leave me your comments, let me know are you a parent and do you have a boy or a girl (or both!)?

xo from Italy,

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