Monday 26 February 2018

#Mommymonday: Mommy dresses Zaful

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had great weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog & following, it means a lot!
It's super cold here in Italy, so we're staying in, waiting for the spring to arrive!

I'm starting this new series (#mommymonday), in which I'll try to post, every monday, a mommy related topic :-) I hope a lot of you will find it interesting, and if I skip some mondays...well, that's mommy's life (it's not always easy to find time to post, especially if there's a schedule to stick to!).

Anyway, today I'd like to share with you some pics from my little son's BIG first birthday!
He turned one past month, on 20th. of Januray, and I honestly can't believe how quickly a whole year has gone by. Babies grow SO MUCH in one year! He now eats solids, walks on his own, has 8 teeth...he's very articulate too (haha), but I'm still waiting for his "real" first words.
We have so much fun together, and I enjoy every minute of being his mommy :-)
I don't share photos of my son on social medias, but here I'll share a few!

He had a strawberry cheesecake as his birthday cake, and my hubby made it for him the night before!
I made him a banana bread, and we also had tiramisu (that my hubby also made)! It was a very big party, we had more than 35 invites, and at some point there wasn't enough space in the appartment for everybody to fit it! (lol)
Too bad it was cold winter weather, so having a party outside in our backyard wasn't an option!

On the last photo of us with a cake, you can see my hubby holding Sebastian's little cousin, Pietro. Pietro is just 4 months older than Sebastian. In the first year of babies' life, 4 months of difference is a lot, as they make tremendous progress with each month, but later on in life, 4 months is nothing!
Looking at the photo, I can't help but wonder how cute would it be to have 2 little boys...

Now, let's talk a bit about the fashion aspect of these photos...As the title says, I wore Zaful! This winter, I got so many things from Zaful (some of the coolest sweaters, that I'm yet to share with you!). In the first photos I wore white ruffle collar plain ribbed knitwear sweater that I absolutely love, and in the second set of photos (with the baloons), I wore oversized braided sleeve pullover sweater in pink, on top of my plaid shirt.
These are super trendy, but also really warm, and well made!
I always find such good deals and cute stuff at Zaful that it's quickly become one of my favourite on line shopping destinations :-)

Let me know where do you like to shop on line? (I'm thinking of doing a little guide of my TOP 10 fave on line shops, so let me know if you'd like to see a blog post about that!)

As a mommy, I like to dress casual but cute, I like my clothes to be comfy and functional but still on trend! Running after my little son is a full time job now, haha, so I need to feel comfort in the clothes I'm wearing, but as a true fashionista, I refuse to give up on style :-)

That's all for this #mommymonday post! I'll talk to you soon (ootd posts are coming up), and for all the mommies out there, stay tuned for next monday's post where I'll be reviewing Medela nipple shields and sharing some breastfeeding tips and personal experiences!


  1. Beautiful post,and baby..
    i follow you,dear,thank you for comment

  2. amazing post

  3. Vrijeme brzo prolazi, dječak je već proslavio prvi rođendan. Želim mu sve najbolje! Izgleda da je proslava dobro prošla, a ako je i bila malo gužva, nema veze, glavno da je veselo. Kako ste medeni svih troje, a i bebač rođak je sladak...i znaš nikad se ne zna, možda ćeš i imati dva dečka:) u budućnosti.

    Ovaj džemper izgleda jako toplo i udobno, a sviđa mi se i kako si nosila kariranu košuljicu ispod. Jako lijepa ležerna kombinacija.

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  7. Beautiful family:) lovely photos:)


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