Thursday 8 February 2018

New In & Review: UGG Dakota Metallic Moccasin Slippers

Hi guys!

Today's post is a "New In" as I want to present you my new pair of slippers and do a quick review.

Those of you who know me well, (through my vlogs or in real life), will also know that I moan constantly about always having extremely cold feet (and hands!).
I buy slippers almost every month but I always turn out to be let down, as nothing can warm me up and sometimes even multiple pairs of warm socks won't do the trick! 

As a stay at home Mum (I have this privilege until this upcoming May), I spend most of my day in slippers. For a while now, I've been contemplating on purchasing a pair of Uggs (as I know they're super warm and filled with wool!).

I have two pairs of Ugg boots and those are great for cold winter days (a true life saver!)
To tell you the truth, even last year around this time of the year, I was thinking about getting a pair of Ugg slippers as January and February is when Ugg Australia website has great sales going on.
This year, finally I've decided there is no other solution but to get a pair of Uggs! I'm sick and tired of going through slippers every couple of months, it's not like we're talking shampoo or body lotion here!
Ugg webstore seemed like a perfect place to shop for my new slippers;  I was afraid to go on ebay or other places, as there are so many counterfeits when it comes to Uggs, that's just insane!
Years ago, I was scammed by an ebay seller, who sold me fake Ugg boots (they were actually well made, and it was difficult to tell whether they're real or fake, but now that I own 2 genuine pairs, I can tell the difference was clearly visible!)

I browsed through Ugg's sale section and decided on a pair of moccasin slippers (you can actually wear them outside!), model Dakota Metallic in grey.
They were reduced to 88 € (plus additional 10% off at checkout, so I ended up paying 79,20 €). The shipping was free, which was great!

All the other models of slippers were either sold out in my size, or even more expensive and due to the fact that I was going to wear these moccasins at home, I didn't want to splurge on more expensive models!

However, these are simply gorgeous, the quality is amazing and my feet have never been so warm!
At first I felt sorry for wearing them at home but then, I reminded myself, this was supposed to be their purpose, this is what I purchased them for. I have plenty of shoes for when I go outside, but I always suffer when I'm at home! So I just started wearing them as slippers and I'm enjoying them!

I might be staying at home even more now, since it feels so good! (haha, just kidding!)

Let me tell you a bit about the sizing, since this was the most important part for me (and I read tons of reviews) before making my purchase! 
Ugg boots run big, so it's advised to go a size down for them. For example, I'm size EU 40, but when it comes to Ugg boots, I go for EU 39, as 40 is way too big!
However, this rule doesn't apply when it comes to moccasin (luckily, I checked this before purchasing!).

When it comes to moccasin it is advisable to get them in your true size (these are 40EU and they're just a perfect fit!)

I love their quality and the metallic bows details, and the softness of the wool! They're also water resistant, which is amazing (maybe on the next sales I'll get a pair for going outside!)
I hope they'll last for the years to come.

I'll be doing a video review and unboxing for my youtube channel soon, please subscribe to be notified when it's uploaded!

If you have any other questions about the sizing of these moccasins, or anything else regarding my little purchase, leave me your comments!

xo from Italy,

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