Friday 29 June 2018

Extremely Pigmented Matte Liquid Lipsticks Under $4!

Hello beauties!

Recently I got a chance to test out a few products from

Actually a funny story: was my first ever collaboration, back in 2009. when I opened my youtube channel! I'm glad to say that our collaboration has lasted through all these years, this just goes to show that I'm very happy with their products!

This time, I decided to try out some of the newest items that they've added to their stock.

Bonnie Choice Matte Liquid Lipsticks seemed appealing, so I actually picked 3 shades of pretty nudes (apparently, I love my nudes, lol! And, I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked best!)

These lipsticks are waterproof and long lasting (super long lasting, may I add! They're perfect for those occasions when you don't have a chance to touch up your makeup, as they'll last through a long day at work, lunch breaks, dinners out or all night party!)
At first, they can feel a bit drying on the lips (which is something I dislike, but majority of matte lipsticks feels like that), so make sure to apply a nourishing lip balm beforehand.
The good news is that, even though they feel a bit drying, by the end of the day they won't dry out your lips! Some matte lipsticks can make your lips super dry, cracked even...these won't!
They're extremely pigmented and have this pretty velvety finish on the lips!

Here are the three shades of nudes that I picked out:

From top to bottom, lipstick swatches: #3 SHOWGIRL, #4 LEE, #5 POSH

The price of these lipsticks is only $ 3.59 each, which is an amazing price, considering the quality and the overall packaging. They can stand side by side to many high end, more popular (and very pricey) similar products!

Shades #3 and #4 are pretty similar, but one is more towards nude and the other has more pinkish notes to it.

There are other shades available (8 total, ranging from nudes, to reds, to dark ones)

Soon I'll be filming a video review where I'll show you how all these shades look like on my lips, so make sure to stop by (please subscribe if you haven't yet) my youtube channel!

There is also a little treat for all my readers, I have 10% off coupon that you can use for anything from the site, including free shipping!
At checkout use SONJAK31 also has in its offer everything you'll need for nail art, skincare, make up etc. so take a look!

Let me know, have you ever ordered anything from bornprettystore?

Which is your favorite brand for matte lipstick?

xo from Italy, 

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  1. Wow!! Amazing photos! I love this lipgloss!

  2. Love all them! xx

  3. It is so wonderful that you've been able to continue to collaborate with them! These shades are totally gorgeous.


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