Friday 1 June 2018

GRWM: Testing Beauty Big Bang Makeup

Hello beauties!
In one of my recent posts, I shared a BeautyBigBang makeup haul and how I got a chance to pick out some of their products to test and review.
In my unboxing video I already spoke about my first impressions, as I was doing swatches and getting familiar with the products.

Now I decided to do a "GRWM" and create an easy, everyday wearable makeup look and try all the products properly and share my opinions and recommendations with you!

I filmed a Get Ready With Me chatty video makeup tutorial, where I showed you how BeautyBigBang makeup products perform and you can check it out here:

In this video, I also share with you some of my current makeup favorites and go-to products!
Anyway, I was really pleased with all the BeautyBigBang products:


Beauty Bigbang Eyes Eyeshadow Palette #02
Beauty Bigbang Rainbow Highlighter # 03
Beauty Bigbang Matte Liquid Lipstick # 03 Dolce K
Beauty Bigbang Loose Powder # 01 Ivory

Beauty Bigbang Eyes Eyeshadow Palette #02

This eyeshadow palette turned out to be quite a little gem! It has good pigmentation, these shades can be used to create everyday / neutral looks, but also more glam, night time looks!
I picked a palette with earthy tones and some red/ orange hues because these are the shades I prefer at the moment but you can get the same palette in other shade options! 
There are matte eyeshadows as well as shimmery / highlight colors and they just work and blend beautifully together.

Beauty Bigbang Rainbow Highlighter # 03

BeautyBigBang Rainbow highlighter is such a great versatile product! If you're on the go and are traveling and you have a very limited space in your beauty bag, bring this product with you and you won't regret it!
This works great as a subtle highlighter but also as eyeshadow and bronzer!
I went for shade #03 because it goes perfectly with the tones of the eyeshadow palette, but again, there are different options available.

Beauty Bigbang Matte Liquid Lipstick # 03 Dolce K

This matte liquid lipstick is such a great discovery! I'm actually so impressed that I'd like to go and order more shades!
It has a very pleasant scent, it's long lasting, non sticky, not too drying (I do like to moisturize my lips with a lip balm before applying it) and the small and pointy applicator is just perfect and super precise (I find that I don't even need to use lip pencil to define my lips!).
It's really a great, great product and possibly one of my favorites from this haul!
I also love the color selection BeautyBigBang offers and this can be a dupe to more expensive, high end brands for sure!

Beauty Bigbang Loose Powder # 01 Ivory

To complete any makeup look, I always set my makeup with translucent loose powder.
I currently use the one from Kiko Make Up Milano but I'm running out of it, so this one came as a perfect substitute!
It's very lightweight and blends seamlessly on your face. It does its job: Sets the make up and creates that perfect finish whilst slightly mattifying.
My opinion is that this is a brand that we're going to hear more about in the near future, as it has some great products and color selections for everybody's taste, that won't pass unnoticed!
At last, if you fancy ordering anything from BeautyBigBang, you can use code SVX10 at checkout for 10% OFF your entire purchase! (not affiliated, just a little gift for my readers!)

Some of my recent looks with these products:

Here I used the setting powder and neutral / matte eyeshadow from the palette.

Glowy skin thanks to rainbow highlighter!

What is your favorite item from this haul/ GRWM?

xo from Italy,

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  1. You created such a beautiful look using those products! I seriously cannot get over how stunning that eyeshadow palette looks.


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