Tuesday 5 June 2018

Summer Fashion 2018. Inspiration Board

Hello lovelies!

As you already know, I've been working on creating my summer fashion wishlist, sort of an inspiration board, where I'll put all the items I'd like to add to my wardrobe to refresh my style.
I thought it would be fun to share it with you!

Summer hasn't officially started yet, but summer temperatures are already here and it feels like summer is already here! This afternoon the storm started, so I'm all cozy & warm in my living room, with my little son, sipping on a cup of tea and snacking on some fresh fruit...I have some extra time to work on this post, and browse through one of my favourite on-line shopping destination for pretty dresses, FashionMia, to select a few of my favourites!

Skater dresses are one of my favourite models of dresses, and they're also very flattering on my body shape. They come in many different and cute prints and colors, and here are some of the ones I like best:

This sexy V-neck solid pleated knitted skater dress is very elegant and feminine. It's great for work environment, but you can also dress it down for more casual days. Pleated skirt is also a very popular detail this summer. This model comes in many different color options, but I must admit, this is my favourite one!

Another dress that I loved is this one:

I usually go for more colorful options and crazy prints, but this season I'm leaning towards simplicity, clean lines and classic models that aren't too trendy, yet they never go out of style.
This round neck striped skater dress is definitely going on my inspiration board for summer fashion clothes! It's now even 80% off, which means I'll have to hurry up and place the order, right? ;-)

So these are the types of dresses that really flatter my body shape, accentuating my best features, but FashionMia also has a big selection of plus size dresses .
We all know that plus size fashion isn't so easy to find, as many high street stores simply don't make their clothes in bigger sizes.
The good news is that on this web store you can find many cute plus size models, so you don't have to give up on being fashionable in your plus size clothes!

Here are a few examples, these are a few dresses for various occasions:

This is a very gorgeous dress for special occasions

Here is one nice model for everyday wear:

And here's a fun print dress for the beach and hot summer weather:

I shared with you some of my favourites, and now is your turn!
Which ones are the dresses you'd like to wear this summer? Share with me your thoughts in the comments :-)

* in collaboration with FashionMia


  1. Il primo e il secondo mi piacciono molto. Buona serata.

  2. I cannot wait for summer to start! The weather here has been so hit or miss, but some days it feels like summer is already here. I absolutely love skater style dresses as well. They are so romantic and easy to wear.

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