Thursday 18 October 2018

Burgundy is the color of this season!

Hello lovelies!

You probably already know that in May, I returned to my job, after my maternity leave. I work as a sales assistant, so I'm always in touch with the newest fashion trends & must haves for the season.
I already noticed, the color of the moment for these colder months, is burgundy!
It's the colour that I personally really like to wear, and especially in Fall and Winter, I believe it's very suitable as it recalls the colours of the fallen leaves and the nature in the Fall.

I teamed up with Babyonlinewholesale dresses to bring you some wardrobe inspirations!
I've worked with them before and I can really say that I love the quality and design of their dresses, as they put a lot of attention to details, and the prices are really competitive too!

Early fall is also when most special occasions are taking place. It's also a season of wedding ceremonies, because the weather is still quite beautiful (not too hot as in summertime, but still nice and sunny!).
If you want to be fashionable and incorporate this fall's trends into your special event, I suggest you to go for burgundy bridesmaid dresses ; they're very lovely indeed and here I'm going to show you a few examples of my favourite pieces:

$ 49 only, this fall's new item!

$ 49.99 now on sale, such a great deal!

Maxi bridesmaid dresses are also a great option and very feminine and elegant.
I really love this model and the accentuated waist detail.

$ 59.99

Next maxi dress is a combination of lace (at the top), and sleek fabric. Again, I love the accentuated waist, it really make the whole figure more feminine.

Last dress that I'd like to recommend you is this super pretty & cute short dress:

only $ 29.99

The price tag on this one is fantastic, only $ 29.99, discounted from $ 229.00, so if you like it, hurry up! I love the tulle skirt and embellished floral top, this little number might just be my favourite one!

Do let me know which ones are your faves?
I hope you like my recommendations and find them inspiring!

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with babyonlinewholesale

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