Thursday 18 October 2018

Lace is for special events

Hello lovelies!

For this post I've teamed up with Babyonlinewholesale web store and I'm going to share with you some style inspiration for when it comes to picking the right dress for your special occasion.

Homecoming is, we all know, one of the very important events in a young girl's life. It's definitely an event to remember forever and every girl wants to keep it in the best memory.
It should be a very fun day, filled with happiness, joy, cheerfulness and youth!
That's why every girl needs the right dress to shine like a star and to truly feel that way :-)

Babyonlinewholesale dresses are  beautiful, elegant, princess like dresses, for all the special occasions, for every shape & size and here are a few of my current faves:

EVA dress $ 49.99

How gorgeous are the floral appliques? This detail makes the dress so special. Tulle is definitely my cup of tea, and this particular dress you can even wear as a skirt, and for those casual days, if you put a cool print sweatshirt of top, and pair it with flats or sneakers. Having troubles picturing it? Try it out for yourself! I have a similar tulle dress and I wore it for special occasions, but even for those casual days.

CYNTHIA $ 29.90

This dress is super affordable yet so pretty and girly! It's the perfect homecoming dress, and the colour is so pretty and flattering on young girls.

CORDELIA $ 59.90

Cordelia dress, I feel, is extremely pretty, for all those romantic souls!

SUMMER dress $ 50.49

This red dress is definitely very eye catching, for all those more daring and passionate ladies. It's also very elegant, as it's a maxi length.
You'll definitely feel fab and very feminine in such a dress.

These lace homecoming dresses are definitely a show stopping ones!!!

It doesn't matter what body size or shape are you, there is the right dress for you.

I hope this article inspired you! Let me know which dress would you wear to a homecoming?

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with Babyonlinewholesale


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