Wednesday 17 October 2018

Decluttering My Blush Collection - Everything Needs To Go!!! How To Purge Your Makeup Collection

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with the decluttering series! Earlier this year, I showed you how I decluttered my huge lipstick and lipgloss collection and now I moved onto blushers, highlighters and bronzers. I had way too many and some were truly ancient!
When I say huge makeup collection, well, it may not be huge to you, if you compare it to other youtubers and bloggers but it's huge to me, way too big for my personal needs. It ended up that I was just collecting things, not even knowing what I have and not making the most of some of the wonderful products that I have!

I needed to make this cleanse in order to organise things better. What I wasn't using, I gave to my Mum and friends/ colleagues from work and super old things I had to throw away!

I gave away most of my drugstore products but kept some more recent purchases such as Max Factor blusher and Rimmel bronzer. Almost everything that I had from Essence and Catrice I gave away (not because I didn't love them but because I decided I'd give chance to my high end beauties, such as Dior, Benefit, MAC etc.)

I also parted with some of my first blushers (yes, I still had them!!! crazy, right?), from Deborah. I clearly wasn't using them anymore, but I was keeping them for God knows what reason!? Deborah is  an Italian brand and when I was living in Croatia and fresh out of high school, it was my favorite makeup brand (mind me, we didn't even have that many makeup brands available back then!)

Here is a pile of products that I decided to keep and love!

But, most of them, I gave away!!!  O_O

I really did good and liberated a whole lot of space in my makeup collection.
I was never the person who thinks that makeup collection is a thing. I really believe that if you aren't a makeup artist, then having a makeup collection is pure nonsense and a product of the consumist society we live in! But over the years of blogging and my presence in the beauty community, I accumulated so many products and started referring to them as "my makeup collection."
Now it's time to change this and hopefully set an example: Only keep what you love and use and remember that makeup does have an expiration date! You don't need dupes of dupes of dupes and 10,000 eyeshadow palettes that are pretty much identical.

I filmed a video where I declutter my makeup collection, I go through my blusher, bronzer and highlighter collection and I decide to give away or throw away almost half of it.

I also talk about my jurney towards being less consumist and less influenced by bloggers and influencers to constantly keep buying new products that I don't really need. I'm not aiming to become a minimalist but my goal is to come close to it and be more aware of consumism and be more rational in my future spendings.
Soon I'll show you how I decluttered my eyeshadow and nail polish collection if that's something you'd like to see.
I still do enjoy buying makeup from time to time but not every single week and I need to know that I'm going to be using that product. Now I always try to use up something before getting something new or giving something away if I no longer enjoy using it that much!
Let me know what are your thoughts on this topic, I'd love to hear from you guys!

xo from Italy,

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  1. Pochi, pochissimi, ma buoni. Ciao ciao.

  2. I sometimes organised my cosmetics too, but I have to say that you have more cosmetics product than me. :)



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