Tuesday 20 November 2018

Fall & Winter footwear & other wardrobe updates :-)

Hello lovelies!

In my today's post I'd like to talk about fashion and some latest trends that I've been loving!
Winter is on its way and these days in Italy it's actually very cold. I'm in need of my winter clothes, cozy and warm wool sweaters and equally warm footwear.

I did a little "wardrobe inventory" and put on my list, some bits that I'd like to add to it for the coldest season of the year and for the upcoming holidays.
As a matter of fact, I decided to do a little update in my footwear collection, to get rid of everything that I don't wear anymore, or doesn't fit me properly, and so to purchase a few quality pieces that I'll be able to wear a lot this season.

For this reason, I went to Chicgostyle, and spotted some really cool models that I instantly put on my wish list. As the festive season is coming along, I might just treat myself with a little present...
I thought I'd share a few of my favourites...

I like browsing through this on-line store because they have cheap womens boots online and they appear to be nice quality.

Quality these days is my main priority! I want to have a few good pieces, that will last me for many seasons. So I decided to take a chance with these and put them to a trial!

Let's see if they'll live up to my expectations!

They have very trendy and up to date models available, but I was going for something more classic that won't go out of style so quickly...
These grey ankle high, suede booties are just what I was looking for! Very stylish and great with many different looks, especially with jeans (and I do tend to wear jeans a lot!).

Also, a pair of calf high boots! I'm still deciding which colour to go for (my thoughts are, either black, or cognac colour!). Which ones do you like best?
I do love the leopard print ones, but I already have a very similar boots, so I surely don't need another pair!

I think with those two pairs of booties I'm all set for this season! One has a bit higher heel so I can wear it out even for a date night or something similar, yet the other pair is perfect even for long days at work!

And what about warm women sweaters? Here are some cheap tops that I was able to find, at such good price that I wanted to recommend a few of my faves to you:

Such a cozy knit, I'm loving it! And this is definitely the colour that I like to wear :-)

Here is another one: Grey, fluffy and warm! What else do you need?! ;-)

Another one that I absolutely need in my wardrobe this season is this gorgeous long cardigan! It's ideal for layering, and it looks soft and warm!

Those are a few of my fave items currently on my shopping list!

I'd love to hear about yours :-) If you did a post with your wish list, leave me the link and I'll be happy to check it out and hopefully get inspired!

I'll talk to you soon with more beauty & fashion related stuff :-)

* in collaboration with Chicgostyle


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