Wednesday 21 November 2018

Postcards from Opatija, Croatia

Hello guys!
It's been a while since I did a "postcards" blog post and I'm sorry about that because I honestly love sharing with you my fave places or new places that I visit. 

So I thought I'd bring back the "Postcards" this time I'm taking you to a wonderful little touristic town called Opatija, located in Croatia in the Kvarner region. Opatija is also a place I consider my home. It's situated very close to my hometown (sometimes it seems they're one town as they lay right next to eachother in a Kvarner bay). This is where I spent my childhood days (numerous walks by the sea with my parents), and also my high school days (I opted for touristic school that is located in Opatija). Each morning I'd travel 30 min by bus, but I loved the school and I loved spending my time in such beautiful surroundings.

We, as a family, spent a few days at our home in Croatia and so we took the opportunity to go and have a little walk by the sea! It was very warm, even in evening time (which is quite unusual for this time of the year). Opatija was filled with people, students and tourists from Japan and other distant countries. I loved the atmosphere that was in the air. I remember Opatija being much more quiet in the late '90s when I was attending the school there.

One of the symbols of Opatija is this statue of a woman with a seagull but Opatija is also very famous for its health tourism and wonderful parks with egzotic plants and trees from all over the world.

Even though in winter time, the climate here can be quite harsh, in Opatija there are some tropical plants that prosper regardless of the icy cold wind and the constant rain.

My son absolutely enjoyed this evening walk. Where we live in Italy, we have only fields, so we learned to appreciate these sights even more. And the salty sea air is much healthier!

Here we are on another walk by the sea, this location is called Skalete and it's in Rijeka, but overlooking the coast of Opatija.

We tried to make the most out of our short stay in Croatia, even though it was more of a business trip than anything else. But every minute free that we got, we tried to spend by the sea, and all together as a family. Sebastian's grandma (my Mum), also came to visit and joined us for a walk!

This time we didn't vlog much, but next time I promise to vlog for you guys, so I'll even visually be able to bring you a little taste of my home.

I'll talk to you soon,

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