Thursday 29 November 2018

Fashion week inspo: Mermaid

Hello loves!

Fashion week inspo continues on my blog!
You'll get another article tomorrow, and monday the last one, and I hope you enjoy looking at all these gorgeous dresses :-)
I certainly do feel inspired when I browse on line, and just looking at these designs makes me daydream and inspires me to be more creative!

Today I picked mermaid style dresses to share with you, as I believe it's very popular style of dresses and also very feminine.
You can see some really beautiful mermaid style designs, especially when talking about mermaid wedding dresses as the right one will certainly take your special ceremony to another level :-)

Here are some of the most breathtaking models:
If you're a bride to be, you're gonna love looking at these fab designs.

The first and the last photos are probably the most dreamy, not only the dresses, but the whole setting and styling! Which one do you like best?
Each one of these dresses has a certain charm.

I believe it's also important to see the real clients, satisfied customers, sharing their photos, as it speaks for the quality services of yesbaby online

Let me know how do you imagine your dream wedding, and if you're already married, how was your wedding ceremony, and how was the dress you were wearing?

I'd love to hear more about this topic! We can inspire eachother :-)

* in collaboration with yesbabyonline

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