Tuesday 6 March 2012

Small Spaces- Storage Ideas & Fitness Test! ;))

Hi lovelies!

Today, my hubby & I finished putting together the furniture in our small hallway...
Because I have too many things, we have to make the most out of the space we have...

We put together a closet and lots of a "shoe-storage" plastic boxes from Ikea (these are actually great for making the most out of the storage space!)

We had fun & took just a few quick snapshots of me in between my closet and shoe storage boxes!

There is such a little space left in between, that getting in there actually serves as a "fitness test", my hubby concluded! lol

Tomorrow we might just transfer our bed to our new home, which means we'll finally have our first night there!
&..this also means I'll be without internet for a ... (???)
These days, I was dowloading the season 3 and 4 of my favourite TV- show, "True Blood", like crazy!
I really wanted to see all the episodes, and I can't wait (I don't know how long) to start watching them again on-line!
You guys, I don't watch TV, it's been 7 years now, so internet is my everyyythinggg!
I guess I'll turn to reading books & listening to the radio now :)

Anyway, I wanted to post a music video for a song "Bad Things" by Jace Everett, that is a theme song of "True Blood" intro!
I don't like the intro that much, but I ♥♥♥♥ the songgg!
You can listen to it here:

On the other note, I'm slowly getting to know the road to my new place (been driving back and forth every day, for a week now!).
The journey to get to my work is going to be a bit longer, but the place where I'm going to live is so much prettier than where we had lived for the past (almost) 5 years...

I guess that's my little ramble for today!

Love you guys!!! 
Have a good night- I'm off to bed, as another long day is ahead of me!
Kisss from Italy
xx Sonja

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