Sunday 4 March 2012

My New Home: Work in Progress!

Hello dolls!

As you already know, I'm in the process of moving into my new home!
The work is slowly progressing, we're working on transering all the things (& building my customized wardrobe!!!) every day.

It's pretty stressful & exhausting, but once we finally get settled in, it'll be worth a while!

In almost 8 years that my hubby & I are together, we never had an actual place to call "our home".
We always traveled & moved a lot, never had our own place
(except for my hubby's workshop!).

That's why, having our own little space now, finally, feels so good & surreal!

I just returned from another "busy" day at our new home
(we still don't sleep there, as we haven't transfered the bed just yet!!!)
& wanted to give you guys a little update on how everything is going & post a few pics that I've taken today & over the past couple of days...

WARNING: (!!!) We're still at a very early stages of moving in, so everything is pretty messy & all over the place!

My clothes are piled in these black garbage bags!!!
My hubby IS in a temptation to actually throw a few in the garbage, as this isn't even the half of it!!!
I still have tons of clothes & shoes that I need to transfer...
I think I'll have to put a number on each of these bags, just in nothing can "acidentally" go missing, lol!

A few pics that I've taken today...

The area where we're going to live is pretty quiet & peaceful, away from the noise & the traffic of a big town.
We're in the countryside side now!

Exceuse my hairstyle...or the lack of it!
My hair is up in a messy bun (it makes it easier to clean & organise things) and I really, desperately need my
hairdresser in Croatia!!!
oh well...will have to wait a couple of more weeks on that :( sighh

That's it for now :)
I hope you enjoyed this quick, little update!

I wanted to show you a glimpse of my new home, before I go MIA
(probably sometime next week, when we definitely move in our new home ...with our bed & all...)
I won't be able to get an internet connection right away, but I'll do my best to get it as soon as possible!!!
I swear, I feel a little bit sick every time I think I'll have to be without internet for a while!
I'm such a huuuge internet addict, I think I'll have to go through a "no-internet" crisis next week, lol

However, I'm still going to keep filming my beauty & fashion videos, so once I get my internet line, I'll have a material ready to upload :)

Have a lovely Sunday evening!
Kissss from Italy xx


  1. I guess the long wait’s over. You and your hubby finally have a place you can call your own! Congratulations! Moving into a new place may require some time and effort, but the best part is, when after all the setting up’s done, you can tell everything’s worth it. ;)

    - Mica Blake

  2. I'm glad to know that you've finally found a home to call your own! Living in the countryside can help you better appreciate the beauty of nature and a simple life. You can also reflect better with a peaceful environment. In no time, this home would be spic-and-span. In fact, the kitchen looks beautiful already! Just add a few touches, like a wall clock, if you want to. Your home is a beauty!

    Kelly Ciancio

    1. Well thank you so much! I totally agree with you on living in the countryside, I just love it! xoxo

  3. You did an excellent job with all the unpacking and cleaning, Sonja! I like what you did with the kitchen. It’s simple, and yet it looks so welcoming and homey. =)

    Rodger Ciliberto

  4. Moving in is always messy. You have to unwrap boxes and make sure that they are placed in their proper places and then move to another box. Soon you will have a mess of opened boxes everywhere! On the other hand, moving in can be fun if you try to make a game out of it. When we moved to our new house, my kids and I tried guessing what was inside before we opened it. We had fun and our work sped up! Time really does fly when you are having fun.

    Ofelia Bertrand

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