Thursday 29 March 2012

My Current Beauty & Fashion Favourites (part two) Fashion

Now, moving onto my fashion favourites...

As Spring is finally here, I'm very much into bright, vibrant colours, but pastel colours as well...I also love anything sparkly, with sequins, gold & silver...

I bought some of my favourite sweaters of the moment, at H&M recently...

You can check out my new fashion favourites here:

I love this super sparkly top from H&M (currently still available in stores for 29.95€)
It's covered in silver sequins ♥
I wore it yesterday for a pizza & night out with my girlfriends :)
But I can also dress it down & wear it even for grocery shopping!

I got this vibrant colour top with golden flecks in a size S.
It was in promotion, discounted from 29.95 to 15€ so I couldn't pass on it!
I really love this colour on me in Spring time!

I also got the same top, but in a different size and colour!
I really liked this neutral colour, but it was the only one left- size L...
I tried it on anyway and was very pleased with this oversized fit!
I can wear it off my shoulder for a more sexy look ;)

My sequin top, dressed down, with a grey cotton jacket by Diesel
on top!

I found out that I can pretty much wear any size, when it comes to tops, sweaters, cardigans and such...
just the "feel" of the outfit changes :)
That's great news, as it opens up much more possibility for shopping ;) hubby will def kill

Bye-bye for now!
Have a lovely evening ♥
It's good to be back & posting again :)
♥ youuuu all!



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