Monday 6 August 2012

Huge Summer Fashion Haul: Zara, H&M, Promod, Camaieu ♥

Hi guys!

I find the summer sales to be the perfect period to renew my wardrobe!
During these sales, I went shopping and got quite a few nice things, and some new arrivals that I couldn't say no to, too! ;)

You can check out what did I get, here:

I'm really happy with all these items that I found:

New arrival at Zara TRF
Alexander McQueen inspired leather & denim jacket.
I looove it! It might still be a little bit too hot to wear it, but it's going to be just perfect
when a bit chillier days arrive!
Gisele Bundchen, Rihanna, Blake Lively...are all wearing a jacket like this one ;)

Denim blouse, only 5€ at H&M, for a "cowgirl" inspired style ;)

Heart print blouse from H&M
I found it at Young Girl's dept.
The size that fits me is 14Y (170cm).
Sooo cute & only 5€ on sale!

Lots of cute accessories from H&M!

I love Promod accessories!

H&M accessories: Fun, summer sunnies & clutches.

New footwear for this summer!
From left till right:
H&M, Zara TRF, Zara Special edition

The ballet flats from H&M were discounted from 19.95€ to only 5€!
Zara footwear was a part of the new arrivals, but too pretty to pass on!

Camaieu brown, suede like booties with brown tassles (discounted to only 7.45€), and Promod leather wedges
(discounted from 79.95€ to 15€).
Such a steal!

Chanel style jacket from Zara.
Super pretty & sparkly :)
Got it on sale for 50% off!

Another pretty item scored on sales: Skull print T-shirt from Zara TRF

Check out my Huge Summer Fashion Haul video! :)

Did you go shopping recently?
What did you buy?
Leave me your comment, or your video response, under my video!

Kisss from Croatia,
xoxo Sonja

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