Thursday 30 August 2012

Holiday Outfit Vlog # 1. Tribal Dress & Studded Denim

Hello lovelies!

Upon our arrival at the beautiful island of Rab, the first thing we did, after we unloaded our suitcases, was changed into our bathing suits, and hop to the beaach, to catch the last sun rays for the day & to watch the wonderful sunset!

I managed to do a Holiday Outfit Vlog video, where I catched the beauty of the sunset, and quickly showed you what was I wearing to the beach that afternoon...

You can check out this short little OOTD vid here:

& here are a few pics that we've taken that afternoon:

Golden Point bikini & Havaianas...
anklet made of sea shells...
what else do I need for the perfect holiday??

The vacation can finally begin!

After just one afternoon at the beach, my hair has gone all wild & crazy, lol!

the beauty of the sunset...

my hubby, acting silly ;))
I had to include this one!

Summer bliss... ;)

Just an "artistic" one...this has caught the eye of the photographer ( hubby's)

I hope you liked the pics!
More to come, from my magical island :)

xoxo Sonja

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