Thursday 23 August 2012

Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review (Pandora Style) ♥MissFashionKitty♥

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm presenting you a charm bracelet by Soufeel jewellery.
Soufeel company contacted me, and asked me to pick out a bracelet and the charms, from their big on-line jewellery selection.
But that's not all!
We're already in a preparation of a giveaway for you guys, my Youtube subscribers and Blog followers!
The giveaway is coming soon, so if you haven't yet, make sure to follow me, in order to be able to enter this amazing giveaway.
Just a little preview... One of you is going to win a 100£ worth of bracelet (and you can pick out your own charms!)

Here is my bracelet, with the charms I've chosen:

My Soufeel charm bracelet with all the charms that I've picked out!
I love it!
The charm bracelets are very much on trend now, and I've been wanting to have one for the longest time!
I tried to give my hubby a subtle, and then not-so-subtle hints (lol) of what to get me for my B-day, or our anniversary, but it didn't hubby prefers to be himself and when he buys me a present, it must be something car-related, ha!
(But I love him for being himself, and I wouldn't like to change that for anything, may I just add...!!)

Anyway, I was thrilled when Soufeel contacted me and asked me if I wanted to receive this amazing bracelet, and even more so, because now I have an opportunity to give this present to one of you guys too! 

I even filmed the opening of the package, the very same day it arrived, just to be able to transfer my emotions of getting this bracelet and capture it on a video, for you guys :)

Here is my quick review of this charm bracelet, please press the play button bellow to watch it:

The bracelet arrived in a sturdy package, well protected, and in a less than one week from ordering it!
With the bracelet, you'll also get a cute carrier bag and a sturdy little jewellery box, to store your bracelet in, when you're not wearing it.
You'll also get the cleaning cloth, to clean your bracelet and your charms with.

The bracelet and the charms are made of sterling silver (925), well made, great quality.
The charms will fit the Pandora or Chamilla bracelets, but Soufeel ones are much more affordable price- wise!

Soufeel offers a free-shipping worldwide, and you can check out these web sites to see the current promotions, such as charms on clearance, or "buy 1 get one free" deals:

Soufeel carrier bag, jewellery box and a cleaning cloth, that came in a package
together with my charm bracelet.

The bracelet I've chosen is a "Silver Basic Bracelet", link here
Price: 45£
And here is why I've chosen these exact charms:
"Daydreamer stone": I've always considered myself a huge daydreamer, I laways have my head up in the clouds, lol!
Horse: I simply love these animals
Croatian flag: I'm Croatian and a big patriot, I love my country!
Apple: My Dad gave me a nickname "Jabuka",  "Apple" in english :)
Photo camera: I'm a beauty/ fashion blogger, and always taking pictures!!!
Cute golden purse: I liked the idea of adding something gold to my bracelet, and as I'm a big fashion addict, cute little purse charm seemed like a good choice ;)
"Daddy's Little Girl" charm: Soufeel contacted me when I was in a very emotional period of time. My Dad had just passed away. I wanted to have a charm that would always remind me on how much I love him and how much I miss him!
Not that I need a charm for that! know...It's hard :(
Skull charm: Skulls are still very trendy!

I'll be back soon with the giveaway announcement, so keep checking back for that!

I'd like to thank Soufeel jewellery for this splendid collaboration ♥

That's all girlies, I'll talk to you soon!


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