Monday 22 October 2012

Lana del Rey for H&M Fall Fashion Campaign Makeup Tutorial

Hello beauties!

My new make up tutorial was inspired by the ultra glam look of Lana del Rey for the H&M Fall fashion campaign.

Thick, black, winged out eyeliner and full, nude lips, have always been her signature look and so it was for this campaign!

Chanel eyeshadow quad # 14 Mystic eyes
Idoll eyes mascara by Tecnic Beauty
Black cream eyeliner
MAC lipstick "creme de nude"
were my must-haves for this tutorial :)
(You can obviously use different brands, just make sure to use similar colours!)

H&M Fall Fashion campaign was my inspiration for this tutorial!

Lana del Rey
recreating her look...
other "tools" & makeup goodies that I used in this tutorial...

Make Up Tutorial MESS! ;)
haha, it always takes me a while to clean up afterwards...

You can watch my step-by-step make up tutorial here:

Lana's eye make up...
glamourous, mystic eyes...

Lana's sexy, full lips...
Grey nail polish & round, pointy manicured nails...

Her entire styling is soo vintage glamour...

My take on Lana's look...

The pink sweater is exactly the one Lana is wearing for the campaign.
Size XS, 19.95€
Warm & cozy, but super annoying with all the little hairs flying off it! Ughh it was making my face itchy the whole time, lol
A little tip: From a good distance, spray your hairspray all over your sweater, to avoid the fly aways! :)
It works!

Doing the "Lana del Rey" serious/mysterios pose
ha! :)

Complete the look & the styling with the right type of accessories:
Add the statement, sparkly earrings, for the ultimate glam look!

I really hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial!

There is another Lana del Rey inspired look that I did, a couple of months ago, so if you want to check it out, click HERE!
It was the look she wore in her "Born to Die" music video.

If you recreate this look, post a picture of it on my facebook!
And if you have any request for the make up tutorial you'd like me to do (celebrity inspired look, or a look for some sort of an occasion...), leave me your comment!
I'm always happy to hear from you! ♥

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Kissss from Italy,
xoxo S.


  1. Hi Sonia :o),
    I've also noticed Lana's pictures around and I'm always amazed at her make-up.I watched your video some days ago,but I was so tired...Now,I'll watch it again :).
    Yesterday,I saw that you reached the first place at Starcentral :)!That's so nice...we must keep it this way...
    Have a nice rest of the week.XO

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      This couldn't be possible without you ♥
      I hope you liked the look I created :)


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