Tuesday 23 October 2012

Midseason Sale Haul: H&M, Bershka & Italian Boutiques

Hello lovelies!

I have a fashion haul for you :)
I bought some really nice things at midseason sale in H&M, Bershka and some local boutiques here in Italy...
As always, I was excited to get such amazing deals, and most of these items, if layered, can be worn even in colder days of Fall!

Check out my fashion haul video here:

What did I buy?

Neon flower necklace from H&M
Great statement piece, can be worn on top of any simple T-shirt or top,
to spice it up a bit, and make it more interesting!

Grey dress/ black sleeves, from Young girl's dept. of H&M
(14+ years of age)
Suits me really well!
I love the silver threads this dress has, it's so sparkly!

Rose gold sequin skirt.
I love this item and I wanted to buy it ever since it first came in the stores!
At midseason sale, it was a great deal and I'm so happy with this purchase :)

Matching top, but I like to wear these two items separately!

Beautiful, floral print blouse from H&M

Floral print top, a bit oversized, I bought it to pair it with the military trend, that's so in style this season!
I actually quite like the contrast between the girly, floral print, and rough military style :)

I've been eyeing this top for such a long time!
I love the colour, and the tiny pearl detail on the back!
At 24.95€ it seemed kind of pricey, because I knew autumn is on it's way, so I won't be able to get a lot of use out of it now, but when I saw it on sale at 15€, I've decided to get it!

I'm loving this lace jacket, it was reduced from 39.95€ to 20€
You can wear it everyday, and style it in a casual way, but it's also a great piece for a night out :)

Another item I put on my wish list, ever since it first came in the stores...
I looove it!
Retail price 24.95€, it was reduced to 15€
It's very spacious & great for everyday/casual look.

Grey dress from Lana del Rey for H&M fall fashion campaign.
This wasn't on sale, but the retail price was really great, it cost only 19.95€
This got sold out in a matter of minutes, and I managed to grab a very last one: luckily, it was in a size S and it fits really nice!

Some things I got at Bershka's midseason sale:
Grey cotton/sweater type/ jacket

Grey, denim gilet with studded details.

From my local fashion store here in Italy:
Trendy & warm, wool cape!

To see how all these clothes fits me, don't miss out on my video!
In the second part of it, I'm trying the clothes on, just to give you an idea on how does it fit!

A few pics taken while filming my fashion haul...
The green blouse is from italian open market, and it cost only 3€, I love it! The colour suits me well, and the best part of this blouse is that it doesn't need to be ironed!
It's supposed to be all wrinkly! yeay for that! :))
Black skinny jeans are from Zara (from the past winter's sales) and they fit so perfectly, they're one of my favourite pairs of jeans ♥

Rose gold sequin skirt ♥

Mint green knitted top ♥

I hope you liked this haul!
Maybe it inspired you :)
Do let me know, which one of these items did you like best?

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You can vote for me every day :)The contest is open until November, 21st. 2012.
Thank you so much!!! 

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo S.

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