Thursday 11 October 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: How To Do Leoprad Print Nails ♥

Hello beauties!

I haven't done a nail art tutorial in a while, but recently I felt creative and I wanted to try something different on my nails, just for fun!

I got this awesome nail art pen kit from bornprettystore and just looking at all these colours, made me want to experiment with nail art! :)

This kit contains 24 colors of a nail polishes for the nail art (you can use these both ways, with a little liner brush, or with a pen, that looks like a needle!)

Here is the LINK to the product!
It costs 24.55$ and the website offers free shipping!

I also have a coupon code, for all my lovely readers, when ordering from bornprettystore, just enter SONJAK31 and you'll get 10% OFF your entire purchase!
The code/discount is valid for any item in the webstore, not exclusively for this kit :)

Now, let's get to the tutorial, I created this fun, leopard print nails :)

This nail art, luckily turned out to be quite long lasting!
It stayed perfectly on my nails for over a week!
I went to work and then travelled to Croatia, where I was running some errands, and after a very busy week, when I returned home to Italy, my nails were still perfect!
I almost felt sorry for taking it off, lol.
I was surprised at how many questions did I get on behalf of my nails (both from people I know, and from the ones I never met before!)

You can watch my step-by-step video tutorial here:

If you watch my video tutorial, you'll see how easy it is to do this nail art, and that you don't have to be a professional with a steady hand by no means!

For this nail art, you're going to need:
A neutral colour of the nail polish, this will be your base colour.
I was using the OPI in "Hopelessly in Love" because I knew the nail art will last longer if I apply a good
quality nail polish as a base colour.

I chose to use 3 nail art pens from Bornprettystore:
black to draw little "letters C",
reddish & yellowish colours to fill in the dots :)

Nail art pen/brush from bornprettystore

All the material used in this tutorial:
- essence studio nails base coat (clear)
- OPI nail polish "Hopelessly in Love"
- 3 nail art pens/brushes from bornprettystore
- essence quick dry drops (will dry your nail polish within a seconds! awsome stuff!)

In my FALL LOOKBOOK video, I had this nail art :)
I hope you liked this tutorial!
If you try it out, send me the pics of this nail art that you created :)
You can post the pics to my facebook page and let's be friends there!

A big kisss from Italy,
xoxo S.

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