Thursday 19 September 2013

The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Summer Haircare

Hello lovelies!

Have I mentioned how important it is to take extra care of your hair during the hot summer months, and during sun exposure?
I'm sure I have, many times, but I can't stress enough the importance of it!
If you want to have beautiful, healthy hair, you'll need to pay an extra attention to it!

My secret is: Coconut oil!

After my summer vacations, I went to my hairdresser to get my colour done and to see if I need a trim...I was prepared for it...but imagine my surprise when my hairdresser told me I actually don't need one, because my ends are doing just fine, they aren't split, or dry!!!

I use natural oils such as coconut, or line seed oil, all year round, in my haircare routine.
I use 100% natural coconut oil as a pre-shampooing hair mask/nourishing treatment, once a week.
Natural coconut oil will become solid when the temperatures are lower; that's one way to tell that the product is completely natural, without any chemicals added.

I will talk about this more in one of my upcoming posts/ beauty videos...

For the beach, I had another product that I was using on a daily basis, that was protecting my hair from the sun, from the wind and salt...It was the spray formula that contained coconut oil, but it had other ingredients as well, basically it was a non-oily oil that was more appropriate to use on a daily basis (because of its non oily formula).

Impaco Linea Mare
Olio de Coco
Malusc Italiana
Divisione Tricosmesi

This brand isn't famous and I suppose it isn't easily available worldwide either.
I got it at my local supermarket in Italy, and the price was somewhere between 5-10€
But, in this post I'm not reviewing the brand, but the benefits of coconut oil!
You can find similar products in your local drugstores/ supermarkets.

This product has the most amazing coconut scent and is doing a great job at protecting my hair in summertime, when I'm spending time at the beach!

You can apply it more times a day, especially before going for a swim!(and after!)
This product will really prevent dry/ split ends and will allow your hair to grow beautiful & long :)

If you're curious to hear more about this product, check out my video review, from the beach of Rab, Croatia:

I was requested to talk more about the benefits of coconut oil on my croatian channel, so rest assure, that video is coming up! :)

If you have any other requests for my future videos in english, or croatian, please leave me your comments!

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Have you ever tried using natural oils in your haircare routine?
Were you pleased with the results?
Which one was your favourite oil to use?

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, S.

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