Tuesday 25 January 2022

OOTD: K-way white leopard print puffer jacket (feat. Messina Hembry)


Hello guys!

Today I have one outfit of the day where I want to show you my love for second hand fashion!

I often shop at second hand store, even more often now that I moved to Croatia (because here where I live we have a couple of great second hand stores). When I was in Italy, and especially during the lockdown when everything was closed, I used to shop quite often at Messina Hembry and Asos Marketplace, as I was always able to find great deals there, branded clothes at very affordable prices.

It can be a bit tricky ordering second hand clothes on-line, as I prefer to see the real state of the item and possibly touch it with my hands, but if the store that's selling is reliable and trustworthy, they'll put the detail description of the item with close up photos, so you're sure what you're getting.

I have only the best things to say about my shopping experience at Messina Hembry. I found them whils I was browsing the Asos Marketplace, and I was attracked by the good prices and awesome selection of high quality and designer brands.

Here are some photos that we took at the island of Krk. The location is Voz, and it's just by the bridge of Krk. It is absolutely beautiful, but it was also freaking cold that day, so cold that I couldn't bring myself to take this warm puffer jaket off and show you the rest of the outfit!

This jacket is actually double face, which makes it even more cool! I'll show you another outfit soon, wearing this jacket on the other side! Can you guess which colour it is and does it have any print? :-)

Here are a couple of my videos/ Messina Hembry reviews and fashion hauls, in case you haven't seen them yet, and you like watching second hand hauls (as I do!!!), then check them out now:

I hope these videos will keep you entertained!

In this outfit photos, I wore:

Puffer jacket (reversible): from Messina Hembry K-Way
White jeans: Levi's (thrifted brand new, a long time ago, somewhere in Italy)
Boots: Quello Giusto
White sunglasses: from a collaboration (on-line), years ago

Do you like to wear white, or bright colours in winter time or do you prefer to opt for darker clothes?

Love from Croatia,


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