Monday 16 December 2013

Come thrifting with me in Italy & meet my friends! (& Thrift Store Haul!)

Hello guys!

Most of you already know, I just love thrifting! I'm kind of addicted to it actually, it's always very exciting as you never know what "treasure" you may find...

I discovered the pleasures of thrifting when I was living in the UK; for a while I actually worked at Pdsa charity shop in West Ealing, London, and that was such an unforgettable experience that has really opened my mind towards thrifting and second hand stores!

I still have some of the things I bought at Pdsa store, such as my boyfriend fit Replay jeans, Fendi bag and other super cool items (branded and not!).
Most of those things were actually brand new when I bought them, and I paid just a fraction of the price for them! How amazing is that??

Anyway, I'm super glad that I found this cool charity shop here in Italy, close to where I live, so I even got my friends addicted to it! haha

In one of my recent visits to my favourite thrift store, I took my photo camera with me, and vlogged this little adventure ;)

I also presented my two dear friends, Raffa and Stefanka, and we even managed to film a quick OOTD segment for you guys!

So I hope you're going to enjoy watching this vlog:

By the time we finished thrifting, it was super dark outside, so we couldn't film our haul immediately that day, but I did get to show you everything that I bought, in another video, that I named:

Thrift Store Haul: Winter Fashion & Easy Thrifting Guide!

A few useful tips for easy thrifting:

1. Dress in layers, and preferably wear leggings. Many thrift stores won't have fitting rooms, so it's easier to see if the clothing item actually fits you, by trying it on, on top of your leggings, or a basic T-shirt/cami.

2. Wear a cross body/messenger bag because it'll make browsing through the clothes much easier for you.

3. Wear your hair in a loose ponytail, or a simple braid (especially in winter time)...updos and voluminous buns are a no-no, if you think of trying on hats and beanies (lessoned learned! ha!)

4. Don't dress up for thrifting, wear a simple style clothes. Some charity stores aren't the safest places (once I had my umbrella stollen at a thrift store! ugh!!)
Also, some places offer bargains and very cheep clothes, but they might raise the price of the items when you ask for it, if they see you're all fancy & dressed up...because they may think you're wealthy and can afford paying a little extra! (apparences can many time fool people!)

I have to say I was super happy with the things I found this time!
It was a very, very successful thrifting spree!
I think, with this thrift store haul, I'm now all set for the Winter season :) Yes, it was that good!
I also found a lot of brand new items, overall, I returned home with 2 gigantic bags full of clothes!
So make sure to check out my haul video, because I showed you all the items I got & I also tried them on, so you can see how they look like on! :)

Before I go, I'd like to ask you a question:
Do you like thrifting?
What was your best purchase ever from a thrift store?

We can continue to chat about thrifting on my facebook or twitter! :)

Kiss from Italy,

xo, S.

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