Tuesday 17 December 2013

NO MIRROR! Make Up Challenge with Sonia Verardo

Hello beauties!

I was spending the day at home and had some extra time on my hands, so I've decided to take upon this fun challenge and try to put my make up on (everyday routine) without looking myself in the mirror! :)

I knew this would be challenging, but I felt confident enough that I could do it!

If you want to have a good laugh, watch me putting my make up on, without a mirror!

The results?

O_O haha

OMG! No mirror make up challenge!

I think the eye make up turned out pretty great actually!
I was surprised at my abilities of putting on the eye make up without looking myself in the mirror! I didn't even smudge my mascara (which actually often happens, even when I'm looking myself in the mirror, lol!)

The lips were ok too...the colour I went for was pretty natural, so it was hard to make any horrific mistakes there.

But...the bluhs & the bronzer...OMG!!!
I wish I remembered that saying: "Less in more!"
I really went crazy with my blush & bronzer...my hubby already complains that I wear too much blush (which is so not true!), if he saw me with this make up...lol... I can only imagine what his reaction would have been!

I know you'll have a good laugh watching this make up challenge!

If you have a youtube channel, I TAG YOU all to do this challenge, and post a pic of how your make up turned out on my FACEBOOK page, with a link to your video!

Kiss from Italy,

xo, S.

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