Wednesday 4 December 2013

ZARA Fashion Haul | Sonia VerardoStyle

Hello lovelies!

On my fashion channel, Sonia VerardoStyle, I have recently done a fashion haul...I gathered all the items I bought over the past couple of months at Zara (one of my favourite fashion stores, have I mentioned?...)

Some of these things I got on sales/seasonal promotions, so they aren't very appropriate for this cold season (but I had such a great deals on them- even 80%off! I'm sure I'll wear them a lot next Spring & Summer season!)

I have only two items from the new collection, and you can probably still get them at your local Zara stores...

So here we go...
press play to watch my haul video!

In the thumbnail, I'm showing you the shoes that I got (elegant, black heels, covered in tiny Swarowski crystals- from Zara Cruise 2013. Collection).
For some reason, I forgot to take the photo of them, and I just now realized that...Oh well, you can see them in my video! ;)

One thing though about these heels...they're so uncomfy! They hurt my feet so bad, the first time I wore them, that I had to take them off (I spent the rest of the evening in my flip-flops, go figure!). Now I'm wearing them when I'm at home, 5-10 min. a day, hoping that I'm breaking them in...and that they'll be ready for a next special occasion (because they really are beautiful!)

Now, onto the rest of my haul...

I got these floral print pants that were awesome in the Fall season too
 (as floral print trend transitioned from S/S 2013. to A/W 2013./'14. )
but now that the winter is arriving to Italy, I'll need to wear warmer things,
so these will have to wait until the warmer days arrive!

Floral print details/blue, silver/

This skirt is the cutest! I got it for less than 10€ (discounted from almost 50€), and I know I'm going to enjoy wearing it in the warmer weather.

Yes, I did get the famous portuguese print blazer, that this past season was very trendy!
I wore it in the late Summer/early Fall days and loved it!

This is one of the ways how I like to style my portuguese print blazer...
Do you like this look?

This stripy sweater is a classic and a passepartout, very easy to style and to wear!

Kenzo inspired tiger print tee
♥ it because it's kind of a vintage looking...

This is how I styled my tiger print tee ;)
I could still use it now, in the cold weather, but with a lot of layering of course!

Zara's jewellery is quite expensive!
These are the pieces I had a pretty good deal on, as I got them for just a fraction of their original price!
I think both are nice statement pieces :)

Which one do you prefer? Leave me your comments!

From the new collection:

Beautiful Flowers & Stones Zara necklace.
It was sold out on-line & in most Zara stores :( Very hard to get!
At last, my Mum found it at Zara in Rijeka, Croatia so she bought it as a gift to me ♥

Tartan print scarf, very big & very warm :)

That's my haul!
I hope you enjoyed :) I'll make sure to post more hauls for you, as I know you guys like them!

Before I go, I'd like to ask you a question:

Which one is your favourite item from this haul?

I think mine are the "Flowers & Stones" necklace and the tartan print scarf! But I really love everything (obviously, since it's in my haul, hihi!)

Thanks for stopping by- don't forget to add me on facebook to keep in touch! 

Kiss from Italy,

xo, S.


  1. Lijep ulov...Najvise mi se sviđaju ove štikle,svjetlucave su i baš stvorene za ovo blagdansko vrijeme.Prava šteta što su neudobne,ali držim fige da će ih dovoljno razgazit po kući jer šteta bi bila da ne ugledaju svijetlo dana :)

    1. Hvala ti :) I ja se nadam da cu ih razgaziti jer ne podnosim neudobne cipele, ukoliko cipela zulja, ne mogu to trpit', pa ni za ljepotu haha ...pusa <3


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