Tuesday 3 December 2013

NEW IN! (H&M Fall/Winter Fashion Haul)

Hello beauties!

I haven't done a fashion haul in a while (how strange for me...!)
Don't worry, I was still shopping like crazy, I just haven't had time to sit down & film my hauls...

But now...prepare yourself for some exciting haul videos/NEW IN blog posts!

In my today's post I'm going to share with you my recent H&M HAUL(well, not exactly that recent, but still...it can qualify as such, as these are all pretty much things I got for the Fall/Winter season...)

You can check out my haul video here:

I really ♥ all these things, some of them were discounted, on special promotions... so, you know me...always a true lover of a good bargains! haha

Here is what's new in my wardrobe...

I simply love plaid shirts! This season, they're definitely IN, and I think H&M has got awesome selection of plaid shirts!
As a matter of fact, I bought two!

This purple, more toned down shirt will go perfectly with my purple Dr.Martens boots!
This shirt is from L.O.G.G. section of H&M

I fell in love with the colours on this shirt!
It's nice & vibrant, and I really needed a piece like this in my autumn wardrobe!
This shirt again is from L.O.G.G. section of H&M

You know what they say...you can never go wrong with a denim shirt...
It's a must in your wardrobe for every season!
I'm loving my denim shirts and I wear them really often.
This season, I opted for this embellished denim shirt that actually isn't too fitted.
I got it in the smallest size available, but it's still pretty casual fit.

Details on the back of my denim shirt.
This denim shirt is also from L.O.G.G. section of H&M

So as you can tell, this time I picked up quite a few items from L.O.G.G. section of H&M.

I usually like Divided best, but L.O.G.G. is definitely high up on my list!

Another L.O.G.G. piece is this beautiful, floral print sweater that I like to wear on top of a denim shirt.

Another cool sweater; this one is from H&M everyday line.
I loved the fact that it's a simple, casual sweater, but embellished, which makes it a bit more dressy!

Beaded embellishments in a form of butterfly & flowers ♥

This knitted sweater was one of my amazing findings!
It was on sale for only 5€!
I grabbed it, without thinking twice about it! It's nice & warm and perfect for this season.
(also from H&M everyday line)

I got this cute, lace top on sale!
The price was awesome, so I decided to buy it, even though I'm not going to be able to wear it in this period of time (it's way too cold outside brrrr....) But I'm sure I'm going to have plenty use out of it in the next season!

I got this military style jacket for only 19.95€
It's the jacket that Gisele Bundchen was advertising in H&M's Fall fashion campaign!
I couldn't resist!
Plus, the price was really good :)

Gisele advertising my jacket!
I ♥ Gisele

Warm & cute beanies to cover up my head when it's cold!
The grey one is actually a snood and it's from the men's dept. (also available in black?, dark grey and military green).

Some inexpensive statement jewellery...
(as I write this post, I'm wearing the bold golden necklace)

I was very much surprised when I saw Aria (of PLL) wearing the same necklace as I have, in one of the episodes!
Do you guys like her styling?

That's all that I got recently from H&M!
I hope you enjoyed this haul/got inspired ;)

I guess most of these items you may still be able to find at your local H&M stores, but hurry up! You know how things rotate at H&M and get sold out pretty quaickly!

Thanks so much for stopping by ♥

Before I leave you, I'd like to ask you one question:

What is your favourite section/line of H&M?
(everyday, modern, L.O.G.G., divided, Ladies Trend, BIB, Mama...)

I personally love Ladies Trend (impossible to get where I live, sighhh...) :(
On my top list there is also divided, followed by L.O.G.G. and everyday.

Leave me your comments!

Kiss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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