Thursday 9 January 2014

2014. Post!

Hello lovelies!

And here we are, already in the 2014.! WOW! 

I'm sorry I wasn't able to update my blog throughout these holidays, because I was travelling-working-being sick...altogether, I was very busy! But I kept thinking about all of you, my lovely readers ♥♥ and I couldn't wait to write my first post in the 2014. !!!

I wish you a year full of happiness, joy & success!!!

Now, first things first...I have a little update for you...

Finally, I became an owner of a smartphone (it was about time, lol!). I'm really enjoying the world of "smart-phoning", and the very first thing I did was...I created an instagram account, of course!

If you have instagram too, you can follow me HERE!

If you have some cool, must- have apps that you'd like to recommend, please leave me your comments!
So far, I've downloaded Pinterest (you can find me HERE, even though I haven't started using it properly yet...), Snapseed, WhatsApp, Viber, FACEBOOK...

Anyway, in this blog post I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what I was up to during the past holidays season...and leave you with a couple of vlogs recommendation (vlogs that I uploaded recently on my channel...)

Even though it was holiday season, I tried to eat as healthy as I can
and to start my day with a...happy, healthy breakfast!

yummy salads for a quick brunch...

When I was at home, I pampered myself with a pure argan felt good, spending
the entire day in my pajamas and with just an argan oil on my face :) spa treatment at home ♥

I was experimenting with different hairstyles...

Let me know if you'd like to see a tutorial!

this is the side braid I did for work... the end of the day, it was super messy and it didn't even look
like a braid anymore, but oh was a busy, chaotic day at work!

It's definitely a hairstyle I'm going to wear again, as I got many compliments on it!
(more is shown in my video log!)

In December, my hubby's cousin was getting married, so we were invited to the ceremony!
It was beautiful, but very cold!
This is the make up I did for the occasion, do you like it?
I showed it to you a bit better in my vlog!
I got asked what it was that I used as a foundation, as it photographs so well...
The answer is: Bourjois Healthy Mix (I'm in a shade 52), but the "secret" is in a primer: YSL Top Secrets primer (the container with the brush- the best thing ever! I HAVE to do a review on it! Remind me to do that soon!)

When we got to my home in Rijeka, Croatia, we decorated our
little Christmas tree...

Rijeka on the last day of 2013. ...

I was ready for the New Year's Eve fireworks!

...and so was my hubby! ;)

hubby was having fun!

A couple of vlogs that you might enjoy watching:

December Wedding Ceremony in Italy

December Vlog

New Year's Eve Vlog: Fireworks & everything after...

I hope these vlogs will keep you entertained!
I'll talk to you soon, with more fun videos/ posts that I have prepared for you :) In the meanwhile, if you have any requests, make sure to leave them to me in the comments!

Kiss from Italy,

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