Monday 13 January 2014

Made in Italy fashion haul

Hi beauties!

Today I have prepared for you a fashion haul in a pics...

I also filmed a video feat. this haul, and you can watch it here:

These are all the items that I got in a local shops here in Italy, where I live.
Some of these brands are available on-line, some of them are a no-name brands...You requested me to provide you with the links to the mentioned brands, so I googled them and bellow you'll find all the links that I was able to find. :)

I hope you find this helpful, in case you're interested in a certain brand that I mentioned in this haul.

Made in Italy fashion haul, here we go....

At NICO fashion store I got this really lovely, long coat, and some really cute & warm sweaters for the colder days...
The prices were very affordable, so overall I was very pleased with this shopping experience.

Madonna for Girls

Brave Soul (is actually a british clothing brand, but it's sold at NICO fashion stores here in Italy,
and this was the first time I heard about this brand..I actually really loved the design, and the prices too!)

This beautiful, sparkly sweater is also by Brave Soul.
This season, you could have found very similar sweaters at Zara, but the price was twice as high!
Zara sweaters were sold at cca 50€, whereas the Brave Soul ones were at cca 25€ (that was quite a discovery!!!)

At Oviesse (the italian H&M, as I like to call this store!), I got a few items too:

Audrey print T-shirt ♥

Marylin Monroe T-shirt ♥

Vintage Minnie Mouse print "Lost in L.A." tee ♥

Leopard print scarf

Leopard print clutch

At tezenis I got only one thing, this super  warm & trendy sweater that I can't stop wearing in these cold days of the year!


In my local no-name fashion stores, I got some really trendy items:

Stella inspired bag ♥ very nice quality & I ♥ the colour!

Cute, skull print tee, with some cut out details on the back & little studs- decorations.

At Imperial fashion store I got this lovely tank top:

brand: "Please"

Other local no-name fashion stores....
& watch me go a "little bit" Chanel logo dripping crazyyyy....

Leopard print cute!

♥ the colour & the fit!

Burberry style scarf

How cute is this sweater?
+ it's super warm!

Last, but not least, I got the famous Cruciani lace bracelets...
I'll be weaaring these a lot in the summertime again!


That's all for this haul lovelies!
I hope you enjoyed it :)

As usual, let me know which one is your favourite item from this haul!

Have you ever heard about any of these brands before? (If you live in Europe, you probably have!)

I'll talk to you soon!

Kiss from Italy ♥

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