Wednesday 22 January 2014

Remington Hot Rollers Review & Hair Tutorial

Hello beauties!

I finally decided to review my Remington fast curls hot rollers! I know this review is way overdue, and I truly appologize for that! Many of you have been asking for a review & my opinion on these rollers, so here it finally is!

I got the Remington hot rollers about a year ago, at SME in Italy. I paid around 50 € for them, and I think they're worth the price!

You'll get 20 rollers:
6 wide ones
4 narrow ones
and 10 regular sized ones.

I have very long hair, and these rollers are just enough for me (sometimes I don't even get to use all of them!)

With the rollers in my hair...
leave them for 10- 15 min (or longer, depending on the intensity of the curls you want to achieve!)

My everyday hairstyling routine has been transformed and made so much easier and fuss free :)
I love my curlers because they work fast, they deliver such a gorgeous results, and they don't damage my hair as regular curling irons do!

My "Remington hot rollers" locks ;)

I like to use them to achieve this very natural, loose curls/waves...especially on the days my hair lacks on volume & texture.

I don't necessarily use them on a freshly washed hair, as a matter of fact, I find they work better on a second day hair!

The result is: Very soft, tousled waves that look very natural & efortless!

If you'd like to hear more detailed review on these rollers & see a tutorial on how to use them, don't miss out on my video!

After filming this video tutorial, I was left with these results:

Because these hot rollers are so easy to use & quick in achieving results, the good news is that you can use them even when you're getting ready to go to work/school/run errands, and you don't have a lot of time to get ready!
They aren't something that you're going to reach for only in special occasions. To me, that's a big plus!

I definitely recommend them to anybody who wants to have nice hairstyle everyday:)

This was my review on the Remington hot rollers, I hope you enjoyed it! If, after watching my video review/tutorial, you still have any questions regarding these rollers, don't hesitate to drop me a line!
I'd be happy to help!

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Kiss from Italy,

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