Wednesday 22 January 2014

Kiko 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara & Night Treatment Booster

Hello lovelies!

It's time for another beauty product review :)

In this post I'll talk about KIKO Make Up Milano mascaras, but these mascaras aren't just "any" mascaras, they are actually lash lengthening treatments!

I tested out both 30 days extension daily treatment mascara and 30 days extension night treatment booster, and I can say I was quite pleased with these products and the results I was getting when using both in my day time/night time routine!

These mascaras retail at 7.90€ each, but I recommend getting them when on special offer/ promotion.
(Kiko will often rotate the products from their permanent line and put them on special offer).
I got my mascaras for 3.90 € each, and when talking about lash lengthening treatments that really work, nothing can beat that price!

Now, let's learn a bit more about the eyelashes & how they grow...

Eyelashes last about 4 to 8 weeks, during which time they grow, become longer and fall out naturally, according to a cycle of constant renewal.
Factors such as pollution, stress and agressive cleansers cause eyelashes to fall out even before they reach their maximum length.

30 Days extension daily treatment mascara- with black formula- and 30 Days extension night treatment booster clear gel are enriched with K2 pro- growth complex, an innovative pool of active ingredients that significantly enhances the natural growth of lashes.

What is K2 pro- growth complex?

K2 pro- growth complex works like a veritable concentration of nutritional substances that are absorbed by the eyelashes.
Thanks to a sophisticated "mobile" microencapsulation system, the precious active ingredients featured in K2 pro- growth complex penetrate the eyelashes and move along their length, migrating towards the roots, where they carry out their powerful action.

Kiko 30 days extension daily treatment mascra
(Link HERE!)
Kiko 30 days extension night treatment booster
( Link HERE!)

Even the on-line reviews on both mascaras are very positive!

I started noticing results after only two weeks of using these treatments: My eyelashes were stronger, I had less fall- out, and they seemed to be longer (the results were more evident after applying make up...the lashes then really stood out! My lashes are very light in colour so without mascara, they don't seem very long.)

30 Days Extension - daily treatment mascara

It's a lash extension black mascara that combines an instant cosmetic performance with a treatment that enhances eyelash growth. After 30 days of constant use, the natural growth of eyelashes increases by 169% and their diameter by 13%.
The special elastomer applicator, extremely flexible, covers the lashes with an intense black colour, instantly defining and lengthening them.

The golden packaging is for daily treatment mascara,
black is night treatment booster.

30 Days Extension- night treatment booster

Lash extension night treatment gel. A colour- free, non sticky, extremely soft and enveloping formula. The night applicator allows K2 pro- growth complex to work overnight, ensuring a 169% increase in natural eyelash growth after only 30 days of use. The special elastomer applicator allows measured dosage of the formula and uniform application from root to tip.


+ 169% in eyelash growth after only 15 days.

The combined use of 30 days extension- daily treatment mascara and night treatment booster, results in an intensive treatment that enhances and speeds up the effectiveness of the formula. 

How to use:

Apply 30 days extension- daily treatment mascara at least once a day. At night, apply 30 Days extension - night treatment booster to eyelashes after removing all make-up. Repeat morning and evening for 15 days in a row.

I really noticed some positive changes in the appearance of my eyelashes. The only "tricky" thing that I may have noticed is trying to incorporate another step- applying the mascara, night treatment booster, into my nigh time beauty routine...some evenings I would simply forget all about it! But I didn't give up on it, I tried to stay consistent and soon it became a habit! :)

I would recommend you to use both products for better & faster results! I would also advise you to look out for Kiko's special promotion and get them half price!

For more on Kiko 30 days extension treatments, check out my video review:

I hope this was helpful!
If you have any questions about these products, or other things beauty related, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

You can connect with me on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and TWITTER, I always like to keep in touch with you :)

Before I go, I'd like to ask you a question:

Have you ever tried anything from Kiko Make Up Milano?
What are your favourite brands for eyelash extension treatments?

Kiss from Italy,

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