Tuesday 7 November 2017

Healthy Chocolate Rice Krispies Recipe | Sugarfree!

Hello lovelies!
This post is going to be a little bit different, as I'm not going to talk about beauty or fashion, but I'm going to share with you one awesome recipe for a chocolate rice krispy, that you can easily and quickly make at home!
I love making easy and healthy treats at home, especially now that I'm a Mum, I'm always on a lookout for healthy treats that I can easily make for my son, (when he gets a little bit older).
Rice Puffs (I use the bio, wholegrain rice puffs from Cadoro supermarket in Italy)
Coconut Oil
Peanut Butter (also great with almond, or any nut butter)
Maple Syrup, Honey or Rice Malt Syrup (I used honey)
Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)

Put 4 spoonfuls of coconut oil in a cup, mix it with a spoonful of peanut butter, 3-4 dessert spoons of cocoa powder and a good amount of honey. Mix it well together, until it reaches a smooth consistency.
In a plastic container (suitable for freezing), lay the puffed rice (this is going to be the base of your chocolate treat). Once you have blended the mixture well together, pour it on top of the rice and distribute it evenly with a spoon. Make sure that all the rice is covered in this mixture.
(If you see that you don't have enough mixture to cover the rice, you can quickly & easily create some more!)
Then,  put the container into the freezer for a couple of hours!
After a few hours, your dessert is ready, enjoy! 

I'm always inspired by other mommy vloggers, so I want to mention Elise Sheere, thanks to her youtube channel I discovered this recipe!

You can also check out my vlog/ recipe video, where I show you, step by step, how to create this delicious treat:

Please let me know if you try out this recipe and if you'd like to read more recipe posts from me in the future!

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