Saturday 11 November 2017

Fall Fashion (OOTD)

Hi guys!
I think it's time for one fall inspired OOTD post.
I spent most of October in Croatia, in my hometown Rijeka. The weather was sunny and warm and it was just perfect for taking long walks by the sea or the town's centre.
Here is what I wore one Sunday, when my hubby, our little son and my Mum, went to Alfa Romeo car meeting, that took place at the centre of Rijeka.
We had a lot of fun, and we stayed out and about for more than 5 hours!
I wanted to wear something comfy, but trendy, so I opted for this Leopard print coat, leather boots and a backpack (Mom friendly style!)
I wore my new floral print sweater that I was sent to by Light in the Box on line store to review. I loved it on top of my denim shirt and paired with Leopard print coat.

I always liked the combo of leopard and floral print, I think it's a good match.
My skinny jeans are actually from H&M maternity line, but I still like to wear them because they're super skinny and "body shaping" model, so they're more flattering than other jeans that I have.
Luckily, during my pregnancy, the elastic waistband didn't stretch out, so I can keep wearing them! (probably because I bought more than one pair of maternity jeans, plus, the last two months of my pregnancy, I avoided wearing jeans...I needed something way more comfy!)
I think this is a perfect fall outfit for those warm & sunny days and long walks.
How do you like it?

Leopard print coat: Oviesse (but from a thrift store, brand new!)
Floral embroidery sweater: Light in The Box (here)
Skinny jeans - H&M body shaping model, from maternity section
Boots - Zara
Backpack - Bershka
Sunglasses - Mango
Denim shirt - Stradivarius
Apart from the floral sweater, everything else I've had in my wardrobe for a while! I haven't been shopping for new things in a while (and luckily, I don't need to, as I have a lot of nice things in my closet already!)
With the beginning of 2017, my resolution was to buy less and make the most out of the things I already have. I think I did pretty good overall!
I really feel better about myself and more organised, now that I stopped constantly buying new arrivals!
So this post isn't to indicate you on what's new in stores, but I made it to give you an inspiration for your fall look; if you like it, maybe you can put together a similar outfit from the clothes you already have! 

* read more fashion & beauty posts at Glam Express


  1. Cudowny masz ten sweterek <3


  2. Nice coat!

    See you in my new blog...


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