Thursday 9 November 2017

Lifestyle: My bathroom renovations plans

Hello guys!

This is going to be a little lifestyle update post! 
As some of you might recall (as I blogged about it), 5 years ago, my hubby and I bought our first appartment here in Italy.
As most of the young couples, we had a limited budget so we couldn't exactly get our dream home, but we managed to arrive pretty close to that!

Our issue with this appartment is the lack of space for our ever growing family! 
When we first moved here, there were just the two of us, and now we're in four (our doggy Lancia, and our son Sebastian Josip now form our little family!).

We're always on a lookout for small spaces optimization ideas, that are also budget friendly!

Another thing that we always knew we wanted to change when it comes to our appartment, was our bathroom. It's tiny, it doesn't have a bath tub, but only shower cabin (quite out dated too), and it's just not very representative, nor functional!
We definitely have in plans to do some renovations in order to make it more enjoyable.

Having a bath tub instead of a shower would be ideal, not only for us, and relaxing moments after a stressful day at work, but also for my granny, who finds it very difficult to shower without my help, when she comes to visit.
In fact, this proves to be a major flaw of our appartment, as my grandmother is 85 and she can't stand on her feet the way she used to.

Renovating will take a lot of time and we need to ensure a significant budget for that, plus, we will be without our bathroom for a few days...which means we'll probably have to stay elsewhere during the works. All this requires us to have enough time on our disposal, which is something we currently don't have.
Renovation plans are definitely still on for the future, but, in the meanwhile, what can we do to improve our living space?

Great solution for when our granny comes to visit would be one of those wall mounted shower seats
that I found on-line.

I found wooden and plastic models, and the good thing about them is that they can be folded, so sitting whilst taking a shower is optional, and they really don't occupy any of the (already small) space!

Here are some of the models I was considering:

Our bathroom is green & white, so this particular model could work well for us.

Next is this bright yellow, plastic wall mounted stainless steel folding shower seat. I like the pop of color, this could bring some light into our small bathroom.

I also liked the bamboo teak wood wall mounted folding shower seat. It looks classic and practical.

I'll keep you updated on how my home renovations are going and what option will I decide to go for!

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  1. Re modelling can be a huge undertaking but the end results make it so worth it! Whatever you decide to do, I am sure it will look amazing. The shower seats are a great idea!


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