Wednesday 22 November 2017

Product Of The Month: Clinique Beauty Sleeping Mask

Hello beauties!
In this post, I'd like to talk to you about the product I've been loving this month and it's not a recent purchase, but I found myself using it most often in this period of time.
I'm talking about Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. 

It's one of those popular beauty sleeping masks, that you leave on your face overnight, whilst they do their own little miracle on your face.
When I first purchased this mask (at my local Sephora), I used it once or twice a week (mostly when I felt my skin needed some extra love).
In this period of time, I've been reaching for it much more often. I'm using it as a part of my regular night time skincare routine, every night, before going to sleep, instead of my night time cream.
My skin is quite dry in this period of time (as we're heading towards winter, plus, I'm still breastfeeding, which can also dry out the skin), and I feel that this overnight beauty treatment is just what my skin needs.
It's very moisturizing but non greasy, so it's suitable for all skin types, and if your skin is extra dry (such as mine), you can even use it every night! It absorbs really quickly and it leaves my skin soft and plump. I can feel it's very gentle product for my skin and overall my skin loves it! Lately, I've been adding a few drops of vitamin E to this mask, to make this nourishing treatment even more intense and anti-aging.

I can add that, I generally am a fan of Clinique products, especially the moisture surge line, agrees with my skin's needs. This product is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free, so it's recommended even for sensitive skin types.
I really recommend you to try out this product!
Let me know have you already tried this beauty sleeping mask by Clinique, or any other similar product from different brand?
I also love the Shiseido and Yves Rocher overnight beauty treatments, so if you like, I can talk to you about these products next!

xoxo, from Italy,

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  1. I have this as well and it has really been helping my skin. (It gets super dry once the weather starts to cool down.) Clinique has a lot of really fantastic skin care products!


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