Tuesday 20 December 2011

Make Up Routine for Problem, Blemish Prone Skin

Hello girls!

In this period of time my skin has gotten worse, I had a lot of breakouts and I just wasn't feeling good about myself when looking at the mirror because the first thing I would concentrate on was my problem skin!

In my early twenties, I had struggled with blemishes and breakouts and was very unhappy about it!
I've tried almost everything there was on the market and nothing seemed to work!
In my late twenties, when I moved to Italy, I had discovered herbalist stores and with a help of some herbal supplements, herbal teas & Shiseido Pureness line, my skin has improved a lot, in terms that I was even able to go outside without covering the skin of my face with make up, trying to conceal all the blemishes...

However, this period of time has been a bit stressful for me, so state of mind has clearly showed on my skin!

I acted fast: Gathered again all the products that I used before in my fight against breakouts (will be talking more about this in my next blog post) and switched my make up routine (I currently use no liquid make up on my face!)

Due to the fact that I received a lot of compliments on my skin (apparently the lighting in my videos does its job?!), I assumed I'm really good at covering my imperfections...and that's why I made a little video- tutorial on what I do to acheive the appearance of a flawless skin- even when it isn't that way!
The important thing is that the products that I'm applying to cover my blemishes are also designed to cure my skin and make the blemishes dry faster and fade away more quickly!

Here I share my "secrets" to you:
(Redness Alert! You'll see my bare face, without any make up, so be prepared! lol... I'm of an opinion that, if this tutorial helps even only one single person, then it was totally worth filming it, and showing my face & my blemishes to the world!)

Click the play button on the video bellow, to watch my tutorial

Here are the products I use whenever I'm experiencing problem skin:

Bare Minerals as a concealer and foundation.
Applied with the make up brushes from Bare Minerals "Get Started" kit

Bare Minerals mineral foundation in a shade "medium" as a concealer.
Bare Minerals mineral foundation in a shade "medium beige" as a foundation.
(I'm applying it generously on my face- I apply more product than the instructions normally suggest!)
Shiseido Pureness Matifying Compact Powder- to set everything and ensure an oil free skin throughout the day!
(I'm using Shiseido Pureness compact powder in a shade 10 Light Ivory)

As I'm writing this blog post, I have already finished my two Bare Minerals foundations,
and, as you can see, I'm moving towards finishing my Shiseido compact powder as well :(
First time that I'm not happy about finishing a product!
I have already repurchased these products so many times, I have lost a count!
It only goes to show I truly love & recommend them, as they really do work for a problem, blemish prone skin! :)

I hope you find this blog post & my tutorial helpful!

Do you have any "secret" anti- blemish receipe that works for you?

I'm working on filming new videos for my channels, if you have any requests on what would you like to see, feel free to leave them to me in the comment's section!

♥ from Italy,
Sonja xx


  1. Thanks so much for doing this, Sonja! I'm having a lot of skin issues right now and will give these a try. xx

  2. Ashley, definitely let me know is any of these products helped! xx :)


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