Thursday 15 December 2011

How to Successfully Dress for Less? (Italy Haul)

Hello girls!

I have another fashion haul for you :)

Recently, I have discovered the pleasures of shopping at italian open markets!
There is an open market, close to where I live, every Tuesday mornings, so this has become a part of my weekly routine!
Getting up a bit earlier every Tuesday and taking a walk around the market, searching for bargains and unique items really makes my entire week!

In my video "How to Successfully Dress for Less?" I'm showing you all the things that I got at italian open market, during the past month:

Shopping at italian open market means buying good quality clothing items, whilst spending less that you would normally have to spend when buying these items in a regular stores!

Now, let me share some of my purchases with you...

Let's start with the accessories!

My new earrings!
I think these are all soo pretty :)
I especially adore wearing those sparkly silver stars ♥

I was thrilled when I found this ring at italian open market!
I was searching for it ever since Sex & the City 2 came out!!!

You can also shop for used/ vintage items at italian open market...
here is what I got:

"Vintage" style Diesel jacket, paid only 10 €!

Also, you can find the latest trends at such a ridiculous prices!
We all know that vibrant orange is a must this Fall/ Winter season, and military trend is
definitely in, so I couldn't have been happier when I spoted this vibrant orange jacket for only 3 €!!!
How amazing/ incredible is that?
(& here I'm talking about a brand new item!)
This jacket will be great in Spring time as well.
Now it's a perfect layering piece.
 More great bargains...

at italian open market there is an outlet with designer clothes & footwear...
I found this beautiful Kookai wool coat (originally priced at 289.00 €) discounted at 20.00 €

Of course, there was only one available, in a size EU 36.
Luckily, it was my size! ;)
Stylish & warm coat by Kookai brand.

My new booties for Fall/ Winter 2011./12.
Soon, I'll be doing a blog post on my boots haul/collection for the Fall/ Winter season 2011./12.
as, besides these two pairs, I bought quite a few other (irresistable!!!) pairs ;)

Snakeskin print is IN this season!
I really like this one piece snakeskin print blouse/ grey top.
The material is so soft, it feels really good against your skin (one definitely wouldn't expect this quality for such a low price!)
At only 3€, I can definitely say I got myself a great bargain, once again! :)

I hope you enjoyed my haul and this blog post, which purpose was to let you know that you don't have to go bankrupt in order to dress according to the latest trends!

I really don't believe in needing to spend a lot of money to look good, or to dress well & I'm here to prove this to you :)
Hopefully this blog post inspired you to become a bargain hunter yourself &... maybe save up some money?

Kiss from Italy
♥ Sonja

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