Wednesday 14 December 2011

Fashion Haul: H&M

Hello girls!

Here is a quick video on my recent H&M haul:

I took a few pics of some of my purchases (some of them are already in a wash, so you'll have to check out my video to see what else did I get!)

This sweater was only 9.95 €
I love the interesting neck detail & this colour, that is really Fall-ish and really flattering on me!
I also got this sweater in an off-white (winter white) colour, but it's in a wash right now.
I got this camel colour one in a size XS and the off-white one in a size S.
Both sizes fit me well, but XS is a bit shorter, so I always make sure to wear another layer underneath it  (like a basic top...)

I've chosen this oversized cardigan because I like the fact that it's warm, cozy, yet trendy with these details on the
I got it in a size XS, but as this is an oversized model, it has got a large fit.
Great for layering & your casual days :)

H&M ring
This particular ring came in a variety of different colours, but I've chosen this one because it
goes well with my new plaid shirt (that I also got in this haul-  but it's in the wash- you'll see it in my

A really nice colour for Fall/ Winter!
H&M accessories are well made and are really inexpensive!

Filming my fashion haul video...

That was my little H&M fashion haul :)
Do you like shopping at H&M?
If so, what were your recent purchases?

I'll see you soon with another fashion haul (all italian goodies & fashion ...picked up at italian open market!
Truly a fabulous place to shop ♥ )

Have a wonderful day :)
I'm getting ready for this evening's Xmas dinner with my colleagues from work!

xoxo Sonja

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