Friday 30 December 2011

Holiday Party Make Up Tutorial (Urban Decay Naked & Sleek Storm)

Hello girls!

I'm back from Croatia (I went there to visit my family, the day after Christmas & yesterday evening we returned back to Italy!).
It was a short stay, but it was worth it as I got a chance to spend some quality time with my family!

Today I was already back at work!

How are you going to spend the New Year's Eve?
Have you given some thought on the make up/ clothes/ hairstyle that you're going to be wearing?

I wanted  to do a video on New Year's Outfit Ideas, but I'm afraid I won't have time to do it :( as I'm really busy at work this weekend!
But you can check out my older video, from a few years ago, where I showed you my ideas on what to wear for a New Year's Eve party!
I believe all these outfits are still pretty much up-to-date, definitely something I would consider wearing for the New Year's Eve 2011.!

Here is my fashion video:

& what about the make up?

Well, this year, I have prepared a quick make up tutorial on the look that I suggest for the New Year's Eve party!
I really like how this look turned out, so doing a tutorial on it was a MUST! ;)

Holiday Party Make up tutorial in the making! ;)
all the goodies that I needed...

Just hit the play button on the vid bellow to watch my step-by-step make up tutorial:

& here are a few pics of this look:

Close up pic of the eye make up

I used Urban Decay Naked palette & Sleek Storm palette for my eye make up.

Plum colour lipstick /lip gloss on my lips!

Old fashion, black & white pic ;)
Just for fun!

I hope you liked this look?

Where are you going to celebrate the New Year's Eve?
Have you already made the New Year's resolutions?

Good night girls! I'm off to bed!

xx Sonja

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