Monday 21 November 2011

Nail Art Cracking Top Coat Nail Polish by Essence REVIEW & DEMO

Hello girls!

Recently I bought my very first cracking nail polish!
I wanted to try the cracking nail polish for a while now, so when I was in Croatia, at my local DM drugstore, I found this electric blue nail art cracking top coat by essence brand!
It was super affordable and I wasn't thinking twice about getting it :)

essence nail art cracking top coat #03 crack me! blue
In my newest video, I did a quick REVIEW & DEMO on how this nail art cracking top coat works:

Now I'm very much into this cracked top nail art & I love how it looks on my nails :)

This is what you'll need to do for a successful-do it at home-by yourself- manicure:

from my beauty & style channel
step 1.

All the products I used for this nail art
step 2.

step 3.

I've decided to use an "old gold" colour as my base colour.
I think it goes really well with an electric blue colour on top!

My inspiration to use a combo of these two nail colours on my nails was my new
diary and its gorgeous colours :) !!

step 4.

essence nail art cracking top coat on my nails.

step 5.
It's fun to actually see it happening on your nails :)
step 6.

My nail art matches my new diary/agenda!

The final result on my nails.
Do you like the cracking nail polish effect?

I'll also try matching this blue top coat with red, silver, orange as a base...the combinations are many: You can use as a base whichever colour you have in your collection, whichever colour you think goes well with this blue top coat!

What are your plans for today?

After this post and some major housework, I plan on doing a nice manicure & pedicure...these things always relax me :)

Have a relaxing afternoon!

<3 from Italy xx

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