Thursday 3 November 2011

Update On My New Fashion & Style Videos!

Hello girls!

This blog post is going  to be just a quick update on what's new on my youtube channels!

For all you fashionistas, I have a three new fashion videos up!
(make up & product reviews are coming up soon, I won't be neglecting that aspect of my channel!)

So let's start with my "Fashion Diary" channel, MissFashionKitty

I have a quick OOTD video there... a casual OOTD with a twist! ;) (feat. my suede like red heeled booties by Francesco Milano, that I thrifted a couple of years ago, for only 2 €, but they were brand new!)
Finally, I found an occasion to wear this: For a casual afternoon & shopping with my friend :)

Watch this OOTD HERE!

Next, on my eipysgudps channel I have two new fashion videos:

In this video I'm showing you some of my latest purchases from H&M, featuring the high waist trend, lace trend & more!)
♫ ♫ ♫

& then, I made a video on how to wear/ style peggings!
"...Peggings are just like jeggings except they are not of the jean material. They are pant/leggings and they are the new thing..."

I recently bought two pairs at italian open market.
First I got a pair of dark grey ones, they cost me only 3€! They felt extremely comfy & I noticed I can style them with everything, so I went back for another pair, this time a simple black!

How I styled my peggings?

& here are some of my favourite booties & flats that I used in my videos to create different outfits/ stylings:

Cute ballet flats with bow decorations by "Best Shoes".

Brown, lace-up booties by "Just Women".

Grey, slouch booties from "Imaty's Fashion Factory" store.

Suede- like, black high heeled booties by "Luna Roja".

I hope my new video will give you some nice outfit inspirations :)

♥ from Italy,

xx Sonja

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