Tuesday 15 November 2011

Taft Schwarzkopf INSTANT HAIR VOLUME Powder Review & Demo ♥

Hello girls!

I hope you're all doing great; I was a bit busy in the past couple of days...
I had a busy working weekend, then, yesterday, we went to see four appartments (yes, we're still house hunting!).
We really, really liked one of these four, so we're hoping to start doing all the necessary to buy it in a close future! Oh well, we'll see, I don't want to get my hopes up because I hate when I do that - I always end up disappointed! And it hurts twice as bad if you had all your dreams & hopes set to this thing that didn't work out!
It really sucks, doesn't it?
So, throughout my life, I learnt never to get my hopes up...it's just easier for me that way...

Then, today, I went with my colleague from work, at the italian open market & I got a whole bunch of necessities for my B-deas jewellery!
I spent this whole afternoon making jewellery, and here is just a quick preview of what you'll be able to find on my HANDMADE JEWELLERY BLOG, B-deas Jewellery:

So this is what I was up to these days...
& what about you?
How was your weekend & a start to this new week?

Back ON TOPIC...!!!

Taft Schwarzkopf  INSTANT HAIR VOLUME Powder Review & Demo 

I got this product during my recent trip to Croatia.
I had a very little time, but I managed to pop in into my favourite drugstore "DM" (Drogerie Markt) where I bought all sorts of "beauty goodies"...I was searching for this Volume Powder product, but unfortunately, it was completely sold out at DM!
Finally, I managed to get my hands on it in "Kozmo" drugstore! :)
I really wanted to try it out, because I'm all into a "big, messy" hair lately, and something was telling me that I'll just love this instant volume powder! (Maybe it was Heidi Klum's image on the cover of the packaging, telling me that? LOL)...

You can hear my thoughts on this product & also see a quick demo - how I use it to acheive an instant result-
in my review video:


This product won't weigh your hair down, it is very light, yet long lasting.
It is very easy to apply, in just a simple 3 steps:

1.) Apply a small amount of the powder on the palms of your hands.
2.) Rub the palms together and apply the product to your dry hair.
3.) Style your hair as you wish!

The container holds 10 g of the powder, and it's supposed to last up to 50 applications.

I do recommend it!

Also, you might be interested in checking out my "Croatia Beauty Products Haul" video that I just uploaded today (this was a requested video, one of my subbie actually requested it a few months ago on my formspring page):

Among different products that I got, you'll see a B.B. cream by Garnier, Bed Head Tigi Sulfate Free Shampoo, lots of essence nail polishes, Balea Honey Body Butter & more! ;)

Thank you for reading & watching my videos!
Kiss from Italy xx

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