Monday 7 November 2011

Sonja's Outfit Ideas: Houndstooth High Waisted Shorts

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!
Mine was very busy, but today I'm relaxing :)
As I'm writing these lines, I have my hair soaked in the lineseed oil hair mask & in a bit I'll be taking a shower & than dedicating the rest of the afternoon for myself, doing at home manicure, pedicure & all that good stuff! :)
I believe that after a hard work, it is extremely important to dedicate a bit of time to just pampering & treating yourself well, it just makes you feel, and look better & completely stress free :)
Wouldn't you agree with me on that? ;)

On the other topic, I just downloaded a trial version of a new editing programe, the Corel Video Studio Pro X4...
I was really excited to try it out, because I want to make my videos a bit more interesting for you guys, and a professional editing programe certainly offers a lot of possibilities to do so...but it turns out I don't understand how the heck to use it and I don't have any patience to try to learn it ughhhh!!!
I went back to my good, old, simple Windows Live Movie Maker and I'll be waiting for my hubby to master the new editing programe and then shows me how to do it!
Hopefully he'll have time free to do so before my trial version expires, lol!
When I first started my channel, I didn't even know how to transfer the video I filmed, from my camera to my computer, go figure!
And the editing programe was something covered in a veil of mystery to me... LOL
On my old laptop, my hubby patiently taught me how to use Windows Movie Maker, and then, with my new laptop came the Windows Live, which is even easier to use!
I do want to use a professional editing programe to "spice up" my vids a bit, but I believe I'll have to be patient enough to try to learn how to use it! 

Anyway, back on topic....(!!) Houndstooth High Waisted Shorts...
I got this clothing item a few weeks ago, when I went thrifting (again!!) with my friend Liley.
I was really excited to find this exact model (high waisted) and this exact pattern (houndstooth) because it's definitely a part of the biggest trends for Fall/Winter 2011/12.
I saw a very similar model currently selling at H&M for cca 25- 35 € (not sure exactly!).
And my pair seems brand new, hardly ever worn, yet I got it for only 1€ !!!
I made a styling around this pair of shorts (I love wearing shorts in the Fall, actually!) and my hubby & I filmed a short OOTD video while I was in Croatia past week, visiting my family in the occasion of the Day of the Dead.
We went together with my granny to bring flowers and light the candles to the graves of all our beloved ones who are no longer with us (in Croatia this is a tradition for the Day of the Dead).
This is why we went to the mountain region of Croatia, Gorski kotar, just 45 km from my hometown Rijeka.
Delnice is a small town in the mountains of Gorski kotar and this is where my "roots" are.
Almost all the members of my family were born there!

My hubby took a pic of my granny & me in Delnice:

"Back to my roots"...
picking out flowers with my granny, for all our beloved ones who are no longer with us,
and especially for my beloved Grandfather Aleksandar, who left us too soon, back in 1993. :(

My "second Mum", my granny Zorica ♥

You can watch my short OOTD video that we filmed just before heading to Delnice:

& here are a few pics of the outfit...


Houndstooth high waisted shorts: Thrifted in Italy
Beaded light blue top: H&M
Wool Cardigan: Terranova
Belt: Thrifted in Italy
"Hermes Style" bag: Italian Open Market
Boots: Deichmann
Tights: H&M
Sonja necklace: Handmade in "Carolija", a jewellery store in Rijeka, Croatia.

I hope you liked this styling idea for the Fall!
Wishing you all a lovely day,
xx Sonja

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