Wednesday 16 January 2013

AVON Haul: Planet Spa, Naturals & Advance Techniques

Hello beauties!

Some of you remember, I'm an Avon representative, but I haven't been ordering anything from Avon for a long while.
As I'm an Avon rep. in Croatia, I usually order on-line and the package arrives to my Mum's address in Croatia.
Then I have to wait until I go to Croatia to pick it up, that's why, ordering from Avon kind of slipped from my mind...

Recently I saw some interesting Avon review on-line, and some of you have been asking me have I tried anything new from Avon, so I felt like placing a small order again!

I ordered some things for my Mum (she mostly uses the Naturals line and she's always very pleased with those products!).
The products I ordered for my Mum stayed in Croatia, and I forgot to take a picture of them, so I'm really sorry I can't show you those, but my Mum says she's very happy with everything :)

For myself, I ordered some skincare, bodycare and haircare products (no make up this time!), from Planet Spa, Naturals and Advanced Techniques Line.

You can see what exactly did I purchase from Avon, here:

I got these five products:

From the Naturals line I ordered Vanilla Moisturizing body scrub.
The scent is heavenly (I love vanilla scent!).
The scrub isn't too harsh on my skin and it is a true pleasure using it when showering! :)
It was pretty affordable too!

From the Advanced Techniques I picked up the Moroccan Argan Oil treatment. This is a leave-in treatment for all hair types.
It smells nice, it leaves my hair silky smooth, and it's not oily or greasy! I apply it on the ends of my hair and I feel this product really helps in preventing the split ends!
Awesome buy!

From the Planet Spa line I got these three products:
-luxury spa with black caviar extract, luxurious reviving facial moisturizer (night treatment)
-luxury spa with black caviar extract, luxurious reviving eye smoother (day and night treatment)
-indulgence, mediterranean olive oil reviving facial gold glow gel (daily moisturizer, illuminating, hydrating)

I will be testing out these products soon, so I can do a follow-up review on them! The caviar line sounds very appealing and I do have a very high expectations from those products!
Olive oil should also have lots of beneficial properties for the skin... I'm really excited with this purchase and I hope they'll all live up to my expectations ;)

Have you tried anything from Avon recently?
If so, what did you like the most and is there something you'd recommend to me?

♥ from Italy, thanks for reading my blog!

xoxo, S.


  1. nice blog..Avon products are good! saw your blog from interview with Catherine..following now *GFC..visit us if you like and enter giveaway which is going on!! see soon!! thanks : )!


    1. Hello girls!
      Thanks for following my blog!
      I'm glad you like my work here :)
      I'll be sure to follow yours too!
      Have a nice day and stay in touch!
      xx from Italy


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